03/26- RPI of 139. AAC RPI-5th

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UH moved up @30 spots from RPI on Mar 21st.
ECU-#12, WSU-#6, UConn-#20.


AAC play kicking in big this week:

Warren Nolan predicted we only win 3 in AAC.
He moved UH up to 6 wins in AAC after Memphis sweep.


I know we’ve struggled some but for Nolan to predict we will go 6-18 in Conference play? Come on! Yikes…

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Interesting thing about Warren Nolan is that his ELOChess has us at #30 and where he shows the Pythagorean Expectation, it predicts us to finish 35-21…so 19-13 the rest of the way. So, basically, he has us all over the map on his site.

Massey Composite has us at #64 and we’re ranked by College Baseball Newspaper at #30. Again, nobody really seems to have us pegged yet.