05/25 Roster Updates. Alex Fontana & Kaliq Kokuma -graduated and leaving


Don’t know what happened here, but Bo Alexander, OL from FL appears to be the real deal.

I think we’re too thin on the O-line, again. Alexander is listed at 272, I think. Hopefully he’ll be 20 or so lean muscle lbs heavier come fall camp.

Well, the young men garduated and obviously aren’t going to the NFL. so why stay in college when they have attained their degrees. Its time to go to work and putting those degrees into action. Good luck to them both.

Mason McClendon has foregone his last season and has accepted a student assistant coaching position. That’s a chance to get a foot in the door of a coaching career. Good luck to Mason as well.


So are we +3 scholarships or +2? We still need a RB and another CB/SF. Id be happy with adding to the DL or OL also.

We have six offensive lineman with a good amount of game experience and some others who have played in the Rice game when it was over in the 2nd half. I agree it would be good to add one more as we have only 13 on roster, but watching the line at the Spring game I believe there are a couple who are going to be ready to step up this year. I also liked Alexander and looking at how lean he was, think we will see him put some weight and strength on during the summer.

I also noticed where Applewhite on Twitter liked a linebacker leaving Tennessee by the name of Kirkland. Kirkland was a four star out of Indiana who has graduated and has two years left. Probably will head north but it looks like we are reaching out to see if he would be interested in heading here.

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Nice for McClendon who seems to want to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Believe Fontana and Kokuma were both concussion related.

All three were on scholarship, but none took part in the Spring Game or were even suited up.


Fontana ends up at Kansas

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