10/2/17 CMA Press Conference

(Eric Prado) #1

(Eric Prado) #2

Lots of good questions.
Lots of coach speak.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

“No one is entitled to playing time. We have to earn it as coaches. We have to earn it as players.” I haven’t noticed any coaches getting benched this season so far. Does that mean the coaches haven’t made mistakes?

He did everything but say “Ellis Jefferson will ride the bench” when talking about his two OPI calls.

They want Applewhite to say Postma starts against SMU but he skates around it. Afraid to push Applewhite in a corner I guess because obviously the coaches had a chance to review the last game and know if Postma did enough to keep the job for one more week. I guess another way I might have asked, did Postma do enough to get a majority of the snaps in practice this week.


Well, he did “bench” the wide receiver coach after the spring and with the same offensive problems such as OPI and missed blocks showing up game after game there may be more coaches on the hot seat.

(Dan) #5

So he keeps saying qb is just like any other position yet they had a special meeting with the qbs Saturday morning to tell them who is starting that week? Do they do that with all the Right Tackles also? This offense needs security and confidence in the general that will lead them into battle. Enough with the musical chairs gamesmanship. It aint working.

(shharper01) #6

CTH at 30:15 for 2-3 minutes is pretty interesting about game planning the week.

Major seemed under the weather and distracted. Not snarky like CTH but Tom’s the boss. Just different approach.

If I’ve made a decision to promote an employee or lead a project, I’m going to stick with them until they really slip up. Then again, I don’t have 3 employees training for the same “presentation” each week so maybe not comparable.


Everyone wants to be the coach. We all think we know better. Funny thing is we all have different opinions.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

There is a difference from thinking you can do a better job and questioning some of the decisions that are being made.


This is what I’m most worried about. SMU is good against the run but their pass defense is very suspect (worse than Tech’s or Temple’s). I hope the Postman gets plenty of opportunities to work on timing and getting to a second read.


lol…why the elf is there a CTH video in this post. Who gives a crap about CTH. Some high level trolling. Seen it on Twitter too