10 Games In

Record: 3-7, RPI #215

Batting: .212, 116 K’s (11.6 per game)
ERA: 4.75
Fielding: 14 errors

Bright Spots:

Offense: R. Hernandez .333/.769/.447/4 HR
Pitching: C. Aguilar 1-0/1.59 ERA/15 K/4BB/17 IP

This Week

Wed at Rice(2-8, RPI #140)

Fri-Sun at Arizona (7-4, RPI #52)

10 games in and 45 to go until AAC Tourney. LONG way to go

Go Coogs


So basically same post as last time. Just few more losses to add to Loss column. This team is not very good.

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So you gonna pack it in after 10 games…yeah, not playing well now but stranger things have happened…just ask the '19 Nationals…just don’t think it’s time to pack it in and fire the staff…just win baby

Team is Better than their record… Hitters need to just ball in play, to many homerun swings and way to many strikeouts looking… Seems like pitchers wasting to many pitches, counts of 0-2 and 1-2 going to full count has got to get better, as well as lead off walks which are unacceptable…

Next 4 are big. Ending Sunday at 6-8 is very important. If we are sitting at 4-10 with games against DBU, Aggies and Wichita State coming up, it wont be a pretty season.


I’m going off the last couple of seasons, not just start of this season. I don’t have faith that CTW can take the program to a consistent level like CKS has done w/ Basketball program. TW been there like 9-10 yrs now and the Program has not progressed where I feel it should have by now. Great baseball Field, top notch Development facility etc. We can disagree it’s ok, jmo that nothing drastic is going to change for the good. #GoCoogs


so basically the same post as last time.

No not really. Rather not go back n forth. Not here to beat up on Baseball program, I want them to succeed very much, just gave opinion on not having much confidence in anything changing based on past/present situation.


I’m with you brother…we need to get to next level. Losing Bretz and Looney really hurt. Cherry Bomb has been injured but is working way back up to speed. I’ve heard that without TW the Development Facility wouldn’t have happened so very grateful for that, but at end of the day just got to win. That UH Baseball hasn’t been to CWS in over 50 years is almost mind boggling…I’d like to go before I check out


Hard to argue with you there. I think we are all frustrated, but im going to continue to post my stats updates even if we keep striking out 11 times per game and running into triple plays.


I will continue to support program, but I am becoming apathetic. I just don’t feel the passion from the Head Coach.it feels like He is just going through the motions. We had the talent to make a few more super regionals during his tenure and only made one. It feels like we continue to under achieve.


I ran into Whitting this morning at Shipley Donuts. He seemed pretty upset about the season so far and anxious to get things turned around quickly. He is definitely not apathetic.

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Agreed. From my dealings with TW, he is all in and brings it every day. The players respect him and play hard for him. This is on the players.


The team also has to play some small ball, manufacture some runs, lead batter needs to get on base more often… Get then lead early and put pressure on opponent. Off the subject, whoever is in charge of the telecast, please use the higher camera, which lets you see the whole field, I’m tired of seeing the first baseman or pitcher when the ball is going out to the left fielder. #GoCoogs

I don’t think anyone here is a Whitting hater. I’m baffled that our recruiting doesn’t seem to be picking up. I hope Todd is around a long time.

Maybe it’s time to just sit back and hope for the best.


Patience? That is a rare thing these days.

Coach Holgorsen

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He’s started New! CTW been there 10 yrs. Patience is Ovvvaaa!!


I thought you were exaggerating but looked it up. Shocked to see he has been the UH coach since 2011. I guess football and then basketball success distracted me from the baseball program.

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I think it may be time to switch the Friday night starter. I think Lockhart should be moved to the bullpen and perhaps bring Carter Henry into the rotation.


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