11.05.17 Houston v Angelo State Press Conference

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  • Says that they played a lot of guys. Won’t play 10 guys, 12 minutes each game
  • Mentions that he was happy with the number of assists (22)
  • Mentions that he’ll play a 9 man rotation, at least. Question is still out on the 10th.
  • Mentions that this is really the 3rd year for him as the first year really doesn’t count
  • Talks about getting Alley in there. Says he shouldn’t have been playing, but he wanted to see him out there
  • Likes that Fabian can come off the bench and play 4 in the “small” lineup. Last year, Dotson was playing that role and we got killed on the boards. White is much taller and bigger.
  • Gray wasn’t really looking to shoot, just pass.
  • Go as far as the seniors will take us. Come down to their leadership.
  • Harris is a work in progress down low. Excited to develop Harris because he’ll be real good.
  • Harris/Zanna 12-20 from line (60%). FT% was a reflection of who was shooting them
  • Gray is the best passer and playmaker. Wants to run a special play on the baseline, Gray takes the ball in. Gray doesn’t back down from anything.
  • Defensive breakdowns we are having now, we’re supposed to. Freshmen are still getting accustomed to college level.
  • Thinks we’ll be pretty good come January
  • Devin doesn’t believe that he played with the leadership he should have in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd half.
  • Zanna says that he needs to hit the offensive glass more
  • Devin says we have great depth and that there isn’t a lot of time to make mistakes because you’ll get replaced if you make mistakes.
  • Devin says that there are no words to explain how it would feel to take that next step as a program. Just have to grind and get better everyday, but feel they have a chance.
  • Devin says that he’s ready this year, keep grinding, and feel that this team is ready
  • Zanna says that the other seniors (Davis, Gray, Van Beck) have done a good job getting him up to speed on the different facets of the game.
  • CKS tells JD to tell the fans what you think you saw tonight. That will resonate more than what the coaches say.

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