12/3/2018-12/9/2018 Games of Interest

(Patrick) #1

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Other games of note for teams we still have to play OOC:

Monday, 12/3
Coppin State lost at home to UMBC last night 71-60

Tuesday 12/4
Army at NJIT 6pm

Wednesday 12/5
Coppin State at Richmond 6pm
St. Louis at Southern Illinois 7pm
Utah State at BYU 8pm

Saturday 12/8
St Francis at NJIT 3pm
Utah State at Weber State 3:30pm

Sunday 12/9
UIW at LSU 1pm
Tennessee State at Coppin State 2pm
Oregon State at St Louis 2:30pm

(Patrick) #3


Just spitballin here, but i don’t think Memphis fans are gonna enjoy that Tennessee matchup.

I can’t wait to watch Temple/Villanova.

Re: our OKST game — there’s a Fox Sports Oklahoma channel? Guessing that’s one of those Tier 3 rights money makers.

(Patrick) #5

Yep, OU and OSU are both aligned with FOX.

(Patrick) #6

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(Dan) #8

We are getting toward the halfway point of non-conference scheduling. Coogs have played relatively fewer games than most teams. Big picture for RPI, NET, and KenPom, the AAC is deeper this year but not as strong at the top. 2017 Cincy was a top 15 team for much of the year and WSU was a top 25 team. We need someone besides us to go on a serious run and get higher in these rankings so when we play them it’s a signature win or quality loss.

I don’t think the pollsters and computers dislike the AAC, they just still don’t know who the top teams are going to be. The good news is even most of the bottom dwellers have a decent non-conf win or two. Last year ECU and USF were killing us with their bad losses.

(David) #9

Any chance Tulsa goes 2-0?

(Patrick) #10

That would be nice with them playing Ok State and Kansas State. There’s a chance, but they’ll probably be happy with 1-1

(Marcus) #11

My DVR shows Fox Sports SW will be carrying the game. It’s channel 637 on Xfinity.

(David) #12

Tulsa is currently leading against OK St 61-52 with about 6 minutes left.

(Al) #13

Good game! 68-64 with 36-seconds! Tulsa by 4.

(Cristian) #14

Temple tied with Villanova. 33-33 with 13 left.

This crowd while full seems boring.

(Cristian) #15

Tulsa wins 74-71

(David) #16

Tulsa win 74-71

(Al) #17

Tulsa wins by 3. I hate fouls to extend a game!

(Ricky ) #18

Temple beating Villanova 37-33
11:45 left in the game


Texas and Shaka lose to his old school VCU. Ha. Ha.

UConn destroys Lafayette.


Not going to be too bad of a loss for Temple.