12/3/2018-12/9/2018 Games of Interest

(David) #22

Man, Temple was looking at a good road win at Villanova but they allow a 12-0 run with some poor defensive rebounding during a critical stretch that led to easy dunks. Very athletic Temple team but the offensive scheme reminded me of Penders: weave, dribble drive, better be good from 3. Temple will be a solid team in the AAC.

(Cristian) #23

Villanova wins 69-59.


That makes back to back games Shaka Smart loses to teams coached by old assistants at VCU. Also, Uconn beat Lafayette, not ULALA. Different schools.

(Randy Randel) #25

In Austin. Golden Boy Shaka’s Seat must be getting warm

(Dan) #26

Why does SMU insist on playing 7 guys year after year?


Corrected. Thx SPE.


Hope they keep doing it. Neither TCU or SMU are great teams, TCU is just scrappy on D and it got to SMU. Our D is on another level so I feel confident going against them this year.

(Dan) #29

Yeah I don’t mind it when they play us but we could have used that non-conf win vs TCU last night in which they led all of the first half then got tired.

(David) #30

Without the win over North Carolina, it would be very warm at this point. It will be interesting to watch as long as the name “Sampson” does not come up.


Another hypothetically fun game to watch would be #6 Nevada and #20 Arizona State, both unbeaten. But it starts at midnight my time so, hey, no thanks.

(Matt Jackson) #32

Top recruits going to Texas for basketball will never compute for me. They NEVER have a great atmosphere, and with the gazillion dollars the athletic department has they still play in the completely crowd unfriendly Irwin Center.

(Randy Randel) #33

Don’t worry, they’ll have to surpass Fertitta Center shortly

(Tom Green) #34

Not that it matters one bit , but they are breaking ground soon or have already on new arena to be built on campus.

(Randy Randel) #35

Help me compute this one - TCU beat USC at USC by 35 last nite.

(Tom Green) #36

Cheryl Miller ran out of eliginility or would have been closer. :grin:

(PMM) #37

USC = not good


OU rolled up Wichita State by 30 today. Yikes.

(srassen7) #39

Jamie Dixon is a really good coach that Pitt decided to let walk because they weren’t happy just making the tournament every year and TCU cashed in on Pitt’s idiocy.


Sound like us with Pat Foster good coach we let go

(Jimmy Morris) #41

He wasn’t let go. He left out of frustration. Terrible support from the athletic department. Dwindling attendance from fans that missed slam dunks over solid defense and being treated like UT’s ugly step sister by the NCAA.