12/3/2018-12/9/2018 Games of Interest

(Cristian) #42

What a waste of 5 millions dollars made for renovation last year. I guess when you have unlimited amount of money you can afford to invest 5M and then throw it away for a new smaller arena.

(Randy Randel) #43

Unrealistic fan base that has carried over for 30+ years. Guy V was all but forced out just 2 years after 3 consecutive Final Fours.

(PMM) #44

Dixon is also a TCU alum.


Cincinnati easily handling Xavier at home. Up by 19 late in the second half.

(PMM) #46

Don’t kid yourself. They use state money as it will be called a special event center…occasionally used for BB games !!!

Wonder if UH was able to use state money for the FC as it will also be used for other purposes ?


UCF and Memphis pick up wins at home over Grambling and UAB, respectively.

(Jimmy Morris) #48

Why do you think we had to build the multi-gender bathrooms? Kidding though. Have no clue if any public funds were contributed.

(Dan) #49

BYU beat Utah on a neutral court.

(PMM) #50

Use to be that state money could not be used for athletic purposes. Therefore a$m and ut changed the BB arenas to “special event centers”. Problem solved.

Since FC will be used for other purposes, UH should be able to use state money for a portion of the upgrade.

OTOH, we might be put on State Probation :sunglasses:.

(David) #51

Tulane getting whooped by South Alabama in Mobile?


Tulsa knocks of #16 K State!

(Ricky ) #53

UConn is playing at #11 Florida St on ESPN 2 if anyone is interested

(David) #54

Wow. Wanted them to go 2-0 this week but did not expect it. Good for the conference.

(Nathan) #55

Doesn’t matter to us but New Mexico State is leading Kansas by 2 at halftime in Kansas City.


Oregon St vs SLU about to start on ESPNU. Should be a good one.

(Matt Jackson) #57

Enfield was smart to cash in…he has the FBI up his backside.