$13 tickets for Memphis

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I thought the lower bowl sold out before the season started?

(Patrick) #6

There’s a couple here and there that didn’t sell.

131&132 are the visiting sections, but Memphis won’t bring a big crowd on a Thursday night.

(David) #7

So you are saying the Blackout thing will only happen if they shut off the lights for the upper decks?


You could give the tickets away and it wouldn’t come close to selling out. I will be there at 7 like pretty much everyone on this board.

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at least the lower bowl looks good on TV, except the club seats.


Invisible out


The club section next to me has been full all year.

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I’ll be there 30 min before and will stay the entire game. As a season ticket holder and fan, I stay till the end.#GoCoogs :disappointed_relieved::fist:

(shharper01) #13

That’s great. Only comment is that it looks less full on TV because a decent portion are in the club while the game is going on and seats are wider. Rest of the bottom bowl looks a bit fuller. Club (and suite) patrons are arguably our most important fans. But I love the student section! Pack 'em in tonight!


Agree, and I don’t know about the other sections but in comparison to the past it has looked better. We’ll see especially after Tulsa. I agree, they all need to be packed especially since the weather is much cooler.

(Cary) #15

Tickets on secondary sites going for $8. Yes, $8… and there are tons of them.

(Greg Wirthmann) #16

Just think how great we looked last year during the Louisville game and now this. Its amazing how far we have fallen so quickly. I guess its the nature of college football and hopefully we’ll bounce back soon.


Coog football this year is very very boring and the empty seats prove it.

(shharper01) #18

Last year, I sold my UofL tickets for $15 each three days before the game.

(Patrick) #19

30,001 tonight