13 UT football players test positive for Covid

Per the Chronicle today but it was on the back page of the Chron. Let’s see if any reporters say they are being silent on the issue like they said about us.

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Are they being silent?

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Is it in the Statesman? I wonder if Kirk Boles mentioned it.

A lot of tweets on this. I don’t think they are hiding it.

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Del conte said some things on it but it was on the last page where our story was a few pages from the front or the front. Other point is that it’s happening to a lot of schools like Bama,UT so we can’t be too faulted.

It seems they are testing and releasing all cases. I don’t think we are. They are also at least addressing it in the media.

I think the OP means that UT gets from page treatment unless it is negative, lets put it in the back. Now UH get secondary treatment unless it is negative, then its in the front.


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