14 years on TOS


After 14 years on the other site i dumped them and moved on over. That board is dead and if you speak the truth and are critical of the coaches, your posts get deleted. I have 8 family members that have graduated from UH including one of my kids. The other is considering schools for athletic scholarships. I have family members that compete in P5 conferences and had season tickets for nearly 30 years.

Here is the truth about this team. As great as the leadership is of our university, they spit the bit on this hire and its not going to get better. They hired a guy that is failing because he made horrible coaching hires. They are clueless for so many reasons. Despite superior talent to almost every team we play, they don’t just get outcoached, they actually help the other coaches. The OC is the worst 3/4th down and short play caller in football. I can’t even explain what the D is doing. When so many players don’t get better across the board and even digress in production, you got a coaching problem.

Time for our leaders to fix what they created. We can win big with these players.

My 2 cents

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I agree I wanted Applewhite to do well but it looks like W have regressed in the coaching hires tillman got his PP hurt with Herman leaving early and tried to strong arm coaches which scared off Holgerson I know for sure.

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Welcome to the board. Agreed with your points including your take on TOS.


I agree. I’ve said over and over that all of this is 100% on the coaches. What pisses me off so much is how much talent we are wasting. Ed Oliver is the most obvious but there are players across the board.

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Which faded faster? That site or our momentum?

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don’t you know it’s bc the players don’t execute. Very well said. I totally agree with you.


Show me a team that goes through 3 QB’s and the offense is no better. If you go with the dual threat QB, which was the right choice, why don’t you use him on 3rd/4th and short? Why not give him a read play rather than run it into interior gaps? Hell, just put Allen in. These guys egos are so big on both sides of the ball they abandoned what we were so successful with the past two years.

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Applewhite needs to takeover the playcalling.

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I’m pretty sure Applewhite is involved in the play calling, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think it would look too differently if he was calling all the plays. Last year the play calling was atrocious but Greg Ward bailed us out time and time again with his ability to scramble. Under Applewhite there were plenty of predictable head scratching calls.

Part of the issue is that the offense is just so damn predictable. There’s almost no misdirection, pre-snap motion, or anything to keep the defense off guard. The other teams know exactly what’s coming, Hell, even the announcers have commented several times this year on the predictable nature of our offense. It sucks.

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Sellers is 2 for 2 under his watch he has basically destroyed 2 once popular forums.

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I did not follow Rice football, but I do understand it was relatively exciting when MA was their OC. Maybe he had a different sort of talent on offense there than he does here, or maybe he has be hired by the great satan in Austin to destroy our program. It does appear that we have some great recruits coming in over the next couple of years, attributable, I believe, to MA. Maybe, just maybe, he will have the type of talent that will succeed in the system he likes to run, and maybe, just maybe, he will have the type of offensive coaching staff to get the system instilled in our players. JMHO . . . . . Looking forward to the off season, but looking forward much more to next season . . . . .