$15 Tickets for Arizona game

Received the following in an email today. At least they are trying to move tickets. Not sure if all 300 level tickets are now $15.

Good morning,
Thank you for your continued support of Houston Athletics! We are looking forward to an exciting 2018 Football Season and want to kick it off with a full house by providing our Houston Cougars with the best home field advantage!
As a Cougar Pride member, we would like to offer you, your employees, customers and friends a special offer for $15 300 level tickets to our home opener on Saturday, Sept. 8, when we take on Arizona from the Pac-12 Conference at TDECU Stadium. This will be a nationally-televised game and you can help us show the nation the spirit of the City of Houston.
To purchase a discounted single game ticket, click HERE and enter the promo code PRIDE at the top left side of the page. Please feel free to share this code with your employees, customers and friends.


Looks like all 300 level and end zone upper level are $15.00. I’m glad that they are attempting to be aggressive to sell tickets, but it sure is unfair to the season ticket holders who are paying much much more.

It’s just astounding to see how many seats are available this close to the game. Once everyone sees Kendal’s offense take off, they’ll start coming, but Rice is the only prelude and everyone will just write it off to that it’s just Rice.

This game should be sold out. I just remember that Louisville game; it was rocking.


I am going to start pushing the game to more folks

This game would sell out or close to it if it was play in the evening. Hate to say it but it a fact. All u have to do is step outside in the heat right now and stay there for 2 mins and u will understand why fans don’t want to buy tickets. Btw, I’ll be there to support my Coogs against both Rice and UA.


So the UA game is cheaper than going to the Rice game? That seems off.

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RTV - My tail gate group has season tickets in section 229. Tickets were $200 each for the season, not counting the CP donation. We paid $50 per ticket for the Rice game lower level Rice side to try to find some shade.

So the $15 per ticket for U of A are cheaper. Guess they are trying to do their best to sell tickets. Tough to get casual fans out in 85+ degrees at game time and feels like 115 in the stands at 1:00. However we will be there in our seats.

You’re better than me paying $50 to watch the Rice game. I’m hoping to walk up and just give someone $20 for a GA seat.


It would probably feel hotter at 7pm kickoff than 11am. But man 1pm and on is going to be brutal whereas 9pm on would be getting cooler…

The $15 is more an affect of our drop in season ticket holders and general buzz about the program due to the lackluster 2017 season. Were it not for EdO there would be no buzz at all.

If it is $15 for Arizona, what will it be for TSU? Maybe the TSU fans can appreciate coming to see Ed O more than the casual UH fan.

I stopped trying to help bump attendance a few seasons ago. Win and it will take care of itself … eventually. I attend when I can and try to find replacement fans when I cannot.

The TSU game crowd will be better, it is a night game.

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If the game was 7p at night or in Oct/Nov, it would have already sold out.

The season ticket price and donation guarantees a spot in a certain location. All locations are not the same so I have no problem with people paying $15 bucks for upper level tickets.

I think buzz for the casual fans will ramp up with the season starting. This pricing should help move some tickets. I am hoping for at least 32-35k. Sellout would be great but, that number will be real loud and impact UA’s offense.

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Yes, but if the sun is low and not in one’s eyes if feels better even if the thermometer says it’s hotter.

My experience says that cold beer keeps you cooler…

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Big issue is our playing surface. With the synthetic surface, temperatures are actually hotter than what’s reported…sometimes even 20 degrees hotter close to the field.


“One of the reasons you don’t see synthetic turf coming back in the south as much as it has in other regions is temperature,” says Bob Campbell, director of sport surface management at the University of Tennessee. “If you have a game down here in early September and it’s 90 degrees, it’s going to be awfully hot on a synthetic surface.”

UH does not have input into away game ticket pricing. Assume you do not have a point here???

Buying more now … looks like I’ll be inviting friends

Have been in the 300’s since the beginning and have no problem with the difference between my prices and the $15. Butts in seats, no matter what it takes to get them there, should be a top priority. I bought 8 tickets today. Plan to use them as fundraiser raffle items for my employees the week of the game. It goes over fairly well. Actually had one of my young Coogs buy 2 season tickets this year. Progress.

Early season 11am games will be the case regardless of whether we are G5 or P5, but I know that we’ll all be there. Drink at least 1 water between every beer, dress appropriately, use sunscreen, use those cooling rag head/neck things, take some breaks, and pray for cloud cover is all I can say.

Go Coogs. Let’s stomp a mud hole in those mangy dessert cats @$$!!!

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I know that. Point was a a much better matchup against UA is going for 1/2 the price of UH playing in what will be a mostly empty upper deck of Rice stadium and they’re charging almost double the price. I would assume they’d want as many walkups as possible. If any game was going to be $15 it should be a Rice game.

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