'18 - ' 19 T&F Recruiting

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Sophomore Reina Ryan from Butler CC. In the NJCAA Outdoors last year, she finished 14th in the 200m, 7th in the 400m and 7th in the 4x400. Originally from Ft Bend Marshall.


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Coogs getting a visit from C/O '19 Hurdler, Sprinter, and Jumper Freddie Allen III. Finished 10th overall in the Long Jump, 9th in the 400m hurdles, 12th in the 110m hurdles and 11th in the 100m at the Junior Olympic Championships.

He jumped a 24’ 7.25" in the long jump which was the 10th best non wind-aided jump in the world by a high school age athlete.


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Bunch of guys in yesterday for the Arizona game:

C/O '19 400m runner Kevin Modesto from DeSoto - Ran a 47.42 at Regionals last year, but was scratched in the Finals due to injury. Was a member of the 2017 Silver medalist 4x400 team along with current UH hurdler Quivell Jordan. The 47.42 last year was 10th best in the state.

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C/O '19 Chris McKinzy Jr from Peculiar, MO - As a sophomore, he was the 110m Class 5 MO state champion and was 7th in the triple jump. I believe he was hurt last year during the outdoor season


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C/O '19 400m runner Tairyn Ross from DeSoto - Ran a 48.46 in the 400m on his way to making regionals. Was a member of the 6th place 4x400 team in the state and was a silver medalist in that relay the year before along with current Coog, Quivell Jordan.


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C/O '19 hurdler Dominick Houston-Shepard from Ft Bend Marshall - Finished 2nd in the 300m hurdles, 3rd in the 100m hurdles, and was a member of the 4x400 state champions along with current UH Football player, Henry Thomas, and current UH Football offer, Korey King.

He was the 2nd fastest 300m and 4th fastest 110m hurdler in all of Texas last year.


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C/O '19 Hurdler Torick Patton Jr from Lancaster, TX - Patton finished 4th in the 300m at the 5A state championships and 3rd in the 4x400


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C/O '19 Sprinter Caleb Boger from Mesquite - Was 9th in 6A in the 200m as a sophomore. Was invited to the USATF Junior Olympics this past year and finished 2nd in the 100m and 6th in the 200m. His PR of 21.02 in the 200m was the 10th best time in Texas last year. HIs PR of 10.42 in the 100m was the 16th best time in Texas last year.


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Unbelievable the recruiting our coaches do with virtually no budget

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JUCO C/O '19 Sprinter Jaquone Hoyte from Western Texas Collegiate - Was 23rd in the Indoor 60m and 2nd in the Outdoor 100m in all of JUCO last year.


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C/O '19 Sprinter Ta’La Spates out of Baton Rouge - She is the 3A LA 400m champion, 100m runner-up, Finished 3rd in the 4x200, and 6th in the 200m. During indoor, she was the D2 state champion in the 400m and 4x200 and was runner-up in the 60m. She was invited to the USATF National Junior Olympic Championships and did well there as well.


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C/O '19 Shot Putter Chase Harrell from Harlingen - Finished 5th in his region in the shot put, but was ranked 11th in 6A last year


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C/O '19 Sprinter Hasani Barr from St. Louis - Can’t find anything for last year, but as a sophomore, he was a 3A state champion in the 4x200 and 4x400 and was the runner up in the 200m.


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C/O '19 Pole Vaulter Chrityan Sampy from Stratford - Finished 4th in the 6A final 2 years ago and 7th last year.


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C/O '19 Hurdler Garrett Carswell from Kingwood - was 7th in the 6A Final in the 300m Hurdles last year


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