1988 UH-UT game uploaded

(Patrick) #1

This is a fun one to watch:

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(shharper01) #3

Funny, I never see that on the LHN.

(Jim Fletcher) #4

Interesting. The Coogs just signed Joey Banes’ son to a LOI. Jason Phillips was UH’s top receiver. UT linebacker Britt Hager’s son played for UT last year. Oscar Giles was playing for Texas. Time passes fast.

(Cristian) #5

LMAO 2nd worst loss. On a side note. Those jerseys were Top

(Chris) #6

The Southwest Conference has always made the most sense.

(PMM) #7

I believe it was the biggest loss at the time… then a few years back, UCLA beat them slightly worse.


That was a stout defense that we had back in those days.


Ron Franklin could really call a college game. Not many of those type of announcers still around.

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(Mike Higdon) #11

As much as I liked holding the record of handing the whorns their biggest loss; I really don’t mind other teams topping it. As a matter of fact, I would like 12 teams to top it next season.

(PMM) #12

That would be a dream !

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #13

I was at that game. It was parents weekend if I recall correctly and a run away win of epic proportions.

I was the lone guy wearing a UH cap in the Texas student section (I was in Austin that weekend to visit friends and go to the game). Also recall getting called out by the smart mouthed guy behind the mic at GM Steakhouse on The Drag for wearing my UH cap.

1988 was my freshman year and a the first of a great 4 year run for my Coogs and me.


I was there and it was fun to watch it again. Man, UH was a power house in the SWC. Young alums just don’t realize the frustration of the older ones who have tasted being among the elite annually.


Can someone load this on Youtube where it will never die?!..(If not already)…i HAVE SEARCHED FOR THIS ONE FOR YEARS! Thank you!!!

(Patrick) #16

That video in the OP was uploaded to YouTube this weekend. Guy who uploaded it tends to upload a ton of college football and basketball games so I follow him and noticed that he put that one up.