#19NITE is the Recruiting slogan for the Class of '19

And the one member so far of that class

I’ll try to do a rundown of these guys in the future, but there’s a lot of them.



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Even more today; I’m going to hold off again until these start to subside a bit. Some of these guys I’ve pulled the info for over in the Class of 2019 offers thread


I think that may be the slogan for a get-together they are having for '19 recruits rather than the actual slogan for the class.

If we win big this year I think you will see a historic 2019 signing class. recruits have been really warming up to us the last few seasons. Applewhite is loved in the state by parents and coaches, but they want to see that the program is still on an upward trajectory. I could see UH getting a top 30 class if we win 10 or more games. That is now harder since the Coogs most likely will only play 11 regular season games.

I doubt the 2016 class will be duplicated while we are in a G5 conference. Having Ed Oliver come on board in May created a snowball effect for other guys.

Unless we have any current players with 5 star younger brothers, then we will recruit in the 50’s, develop that underrated talent and win a lot of games.

Reality. Class will be a top 30 class ranked in the top 50.

Counter to Texas classes that have been ranked in the top 10 but are really a top 50 class.


Couldn’t agree more.

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