1st half vs 2nd half


So far this season, UH has averaged winning the 1st half of our 6 games by a score of 18-7 (trailing only Texas Tech by 3 points); however we’re losing the 2nd half of our games by a score of 7-14 (besting only SMU by 4 points).

So, it seems pretty clear that half-time adjustments (or lack thereof) are our #1 problem.

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UT has averaged winning its 6 games’ 1st half by a score of 15-14 (trailing half the time); however, they’re winning the 2nd half of their games by a score of 19-11 (losing only to Iowa State by 4 points).

So, it seems pretty clear that half-time adjustments are not CTH’s and TO’s problem.

Too lazy to check how we did the last two years…


To me, that would seem to indicate that CTH’s staff has made better game planning adjustments, achieved better player buy-in and more emotional energy coming out of the locker room for the second half as opposed to what CMA’s staff has been able to do.

You would have to talk to someone like Ed or another player who’s been in both coach’s locker rooms to know the differences.

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In 2015 (Herman’s first year), UH went 20-10 in the first half and 20-11 in the second half.
We trailed twice and tied once in the first half (i.e., UofL, UConn and Cinci) and lost the second half twice (Temple/FSU) but had comfortable margins. We shut out opponents once in the first half and 3x in the second half. We also called off the dogs a few times in the second half.

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This is a solid thread. This is the type of thing I’m worried about with this staff more than anything.

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I thought Charlie Strong was bad at halftime adjustments until this coaching staff arrived. They are epically bad. I’m extremely disappointed. No one wanted Applewhite to succeed more than me.

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IIRC the 4th quarter stats were heavily in favor of Orlando. You can say what you want about Orlando but the guy usually makes very good halftime adjustments if he is not the lame duck DC.

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Hell, Orlando made adjustments DURING the game.


The lack of positive halftime adjustments is the key factor in this year’s underperformance, in my opinion. There are others, but all of them could have been overcome if we had won this matchup.

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The defense looks like it’s wearing down too as the offense can’t sustain drives and gives the ball up in bad field position. You could see the big guy slow after every turnover particularly.


We had about a 5 minute TOP advantage over Tulsa. It was the turnovers in 2nd half that took the wind out of them. Understandable.