1st Silver Glove-Tues 27th @ Rice. (L 4-3)

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Rice having a rough year. 10-16 so far.


Cusa.tv link (need a $6.95 pass)



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Just a reminder that the World Series trophy will be there Tuesday. It will also be at Schroeder Park during the Wichita State series.

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On topic w Silver Glove on deck.

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Top 1st
Coogs down in order

M1…No Score

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Bottom 1st
Leadoff single, and back-to-back 2-out walks load the bases. Hurdsman gets a K to end the innning.

T2…No Score

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Top 2nd
Lockhart leads off the inning with a walk, Triolo follows with a single, and Etzel moves them over with a sac bunt. Coldiron follows with a single to score Lockhart…Coogs lead 1-0

Coogs fail on a safety squeeze for the 2nd out.

M2…UH leads 1-0

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Bottom 2nd
1 out HBP, follows by a single and a 2 out single ties it up…Tied 1-1

T3…Tied 1-1

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Top 3rd
Leadoff 2-base error gets Padgett to 2nd, Hollis singles him to 3rd, and a Davis single brings Padgett home…Coogs lead 2-1

Lockhart groundout moves the runners to 2nd/3rd with 1 out. Hollis is thrown out at the plate on a Triolo grounder to 3rd and the Coogs leave the runners stranded.

M3…UH leads 2-1

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Bottom 3rd
Easy 1-2-3 inning for Hurdsman as he ends it with his 2nd K

T4…UH leads 2-1

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Top 4th
1 out single by Bielo, but he’s caught stealing

M4…UH leads 2-1

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Bottom 4th
Hurdsman has retired 7 in a row now and is up to 3 Ks

T5…UH leads 2-1

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Top 5th
Coogs are down in order

M5…UH leads 2-1

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Bottom 5th
1 out walk, followed by a single, followed by another single ties it up again…Tied 2-2…And that’ll be all for Hurdsman. Kyle Ott on to pitch

Ott walks his first batter to load the bases. Wild pitch scores a run…Rice leads 3-2

Walk loads the bases again. Ott gets the next batter to K and gets the hook. Aguilar on to pitch.

Wild pitch scores another…Rice leads 4-2

T6…Rice leads 4-2

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Top 6th
Leadoff walk by Lockhart and with 1 out he moves to 2nd on a wild pitch. Rice goes to the bullpen

Coogs leave Lockhart stranded at 3rd

M6…Rice leads 4-2

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Bottom 6th
1 out walk, but Aguilar strands him there.

T7…Rice leads 4-2

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Top 7th
Leadoff single by Bielo and Minter pinch hits for Lovelace

1 out single by Padgett moves Bielo to 2nd. Bielo to 3rd on a Hollis flyout and he comes home on a Davis single…Rice leads 4-3

M7…Rice leads 4-3

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Bottom 7th
Aguilar works a 1-2-3 inning to include 2 Ks

T8…Rice leads 4-3

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Top 8th
2 out single by Coldiron, but they leave him stranded

M8…Rice leads 4-3

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Bottom 8th
Aguilar works another 1-2-3 inning with 2 more K’s, 6 on the night

T9…Rice leads 4-3