#2 offense versus #47

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Cmon home


Yep That’s where we are at. :pensive:


Yep +1

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I heard it was more like Briles made the cake and Kiffin supplied the icing. How about Troy’s OC?


Briles (FAU) was #2 in the nation in total offense. By comparison, Troy was #34 in the nation in total offense while UH was #47.

I suppose if you’d prefer to chant “we’re #34” go ahead. As for me, I’d prefer to be able to say “we’re #1 or #2.”

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Kendall Briles please.


UNT total offense is 10th in the country. OC is Graham Harrell. And base on what I’ve seen in our offense this yr, how the heck are we 47th in total offense? I was expecting 80 or lower.

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#67 in scoring offense. I think some of it is we played some really bad defenses this year. Rice, ECU, Tech, and Tulsa all finished 100 or worse in scoring defense.

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So you guys want to be a running team? All these comparisons are yardage gained. Not sure you realize that FAU was 6th in rushing yardage per game but 78th in passing yardage per game.


This. In today’s game, 28 pts/game isn’t enough even with a good defense. So we should look at these schools, perhaps.

All are in the top 20 in scoring offense.

Defensively we have:
SDSU (Also True)

All are in the top 20 in scoring defense and average under 20 pts/game.

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I’ll take #2 rushing over what we have, no doubt. FAU doesn’t have great talent. What they have is an OC with creative play calling that knows how to exploit defenses, many of which have more talent, just as he did at Baylor.

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Yes…yes, that is what we want. Back in the day the talking heads thought the Briles O was an air raid because it piled up so many yards. We all knew better…

Remembering the game against SMU where Alridge and Battle each had a 77 yard run up the middle for a TD. Then Alridge had another for 70+…good times.