#2 seed?

(Randy Worrell) #21

i Still think that if two of the #2 seeds have a poor conf. tournament we have a chance!

(John m Bevil) #22

We win out and we get a “higher” 2 seed, meaning we go to Tulsa and not East or SLC.

(Dan) #23

Some good news if we can squeeze out a 2 seed: no western regionals. Jacksonville, Iowa, or Columbia SC.

(Jason) #24

Winning the tournament or losing in the first round, I think Coogs are locked into their seed (No. 2 or No. 3) no matter what. If the Coogs get a 2-seed, it won’t be because on how they do in the AAC tourney. It’ll be from the committee assessing their 29-2 season record and looking at all the peripherals of that (NET rankings, etc) and determining they are deserving based off of that body of work.

There just isn’t enough time for the committee to assess the whole field again following the completions of all the tournaments and seeding everyone accordingly. Decisions have to be made well prior to Sunday (and as we’ve seen recently, probably even prior to Saturday). I think the schools at the top of the bracket are locked in and just don’t see much of it being changed much (if at all) from the league tournaments.

(Randy Randel) #25

Nothing will matter after Thursday except for 1-bid league upset winners and bubble teams. That was evident last season

(Jason) #26

Yes, I agree. Thank you. It was definitely evident last year! Do I need to send the ‘T-shirt’ image again?


(Dan) #27

Halftime of ACC tournament ESPN opinions. Don’t shoot the messenger and this was their B team not Lunardi. Zags shouldn’t move out of overall #1 because of Tues night. 1 and 2 seeds are above Sparty B10 and final 2 seed was Louisville.

LSU drama bias is in full effect. Louisville? Louisville is a 7 seed in their own conf tournament. After looking at the 2 seed locations, 75% of which are right in the middle of SEC-ACC country (Jacksonville hosts 2 #2 seeds) I think the fix is in. We’ll be a 3 seed probably SLC because no top team besides Zag wants to go there. We will be very fortunate to get 3 seed Tulsa.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #28

If the Zags do not get bumped from a 1 seed then there is no motivation for those teams to even play in the tournament.

(Grant) #29

I just ultimately don’t think it’s that much better. They lost to Tennessee and were rolled by North Carolina. Not to mention our conference is stronger.

The win against Duke and their preseason ranking has kept them up when the rest of their resume isn’t that great. At least I don’t see one as a clear 1 and the other as a clear 3.

Again depending on outcomes from the tourney this weekend. I could make a compelling argument to myself if UH beats Cincy and UCF again en route to winning the postseason title.

(Eric) #30


Apparently the NET is good for every team not named Houston. Stupid for anyone to think LSU should be ranked ahead of Houston. They won the SEC and we beat them. And it wasn’t exactly a nail biter. And they have 3 more losses than we have. And they shouldn’t be allowed in the Tourney because they paid their players and will have to vacate the championship if they win. Not so much stupid as insane!

(Jimmy Morris) #32

We were up by 2 with 28 seconds to go.


If the rankings are similar to the Massey composite like you pointed out previously then I like UH’s chances for a 2 seed. Double that if UH wins the next three games and is the reg season and tourny AAC winner.

The composite has UH at 10 right now. 2 off a 2 seed. Houston was previously +2 from the composite ranking to the seeding. That’s all we need to do is go +2 right now. Winning the reg & tourny is enough to get us there. Heck right now…

Tennessee has lost 3 of its last 7. The committee usually makes ‘how you finish’ a part of their eval…and losing 3 of 7 ain’t finishing 2-seed strong. If they don’t win the SEC tourny that’s 4 of their last 8, 9 or 10.

TTech a 2-seed? Not if they look at their non-conference schedule…where they haven’t beaten anybody essentially. Same for runner up K-State. All the B12 teams are living off the KU statistical anomaly created when KU won 8 good games in non-conf play. Nobody else in the b12 did much besides beat scrubbs consistently. Tech’s best win in non-conf is vs Memphis. Sure they didn’t lose to anyone except Duke in non-con play but they only plaed 2 teams with a sub-100 RPI. Talk about weak!

UH should jump these two right now…winning the AAC tourny should just piling…but we all know the deal…If UH doesn’t win the AAC tourny the cartel will have UH at a 4 seed and if we do they might still keep us a 3 seed. Should be a 2 right now though and definitely a 2 with 2 more wins…should.

(Russel ) #34

I think there is a 50/50 chance we could get a 2 seed if we win out. We’ll see on Sunday what the commitee really values more than anything.


(Robert) #36

For many years now I have posted that in FB it is the P5 and in BBK it is the P5+BE. Once again this is supported by Joseph Duarte referring to it in the above post. It is nothing new, just look at the BB preseason rankings and the tournament selection each year.

Kansas St. is co-champs with TTech. Rarely do P5+BE teams play non conference road games against non P5 +BE teams. Kansas St. lost to Tulsa 47-46 at Tulsa. Kansas St. scored a whopping 23 points in the second half after 24 in the first. This was the fewest points they scored in a game this season.

Of course LSU was brave enough to play UH here and lost. There is a reason the all time record between them is 24-21 in favor of UH. Hats off for LSU BB for doing mainly home and home with UH.


Which is why I want LSU to continue the series with us. Playing an SEC home and home every year would
Be great for the coogs.


Houston beat Oregon when they had Bol Bol. That should count for something but probably won’t.


I love playing LSU in basketball and baseball. We should play them every year in both.


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:arrow_heading_up: Last week: No. 6
The Cougars will have a gripe if they win the American tournament, finish 32-2 and don’t get a 2 seed. I want to believe the selection committee will reward them in kind, but I’m not convinced. The Cougars’ two losses have come by nine total points to two teams in the NCAAs as of today (Temple and UCF). Oh, yeah: Houston is fourth in the NET.