#2 seed?


This may not help with Oregon’s rating since they also lost to Texas Southern right before us, but the NCAA should add in a weighting system how a team is performing in the last 10 games or break the season up into thirds making the current section more important for valuing the strength of a team. Maybe even break it down into quadrants (they love those).

Teams shouldn’t get a huge boost playing a team late in the year like Kansas who has become a border line tournament team the way they are playing just because they started off 10-0 with some huge wins. These Big 12 teams didn’t play THAT Kansas team. Injuries and suspensions happen, some teams get better as the year goes on, some teams start falling apart. If you truly want to find a strength of schedule then the obvious is you need to know how strong teams are when they play each other. Of course there is no perfect way to do it as a star player could just be out for a couple games, but there are plenty of things you could try. Not saying throw out everything else, just make how that team has done recently a stronger weight than how they did months apart from when you play them.

(Patrick) #43

I don’t think anything we do, or anyone else does, this week will matter. I think we’ll be locked in as a 3 seed.

(Eric) #44

particularly because the field will be set before the tournament ends. And for real, the difference between a 3 and a 2 isnt something to get indignant about.

(Grant) #45

Mostly agree. But it could absolutely affect where UH is playing. Which could impact how many fans we have there.

So basically, it still matters somewhat.


UH took the lead with about 8 minutes left and never lost it. I imagine it was a nail biter for you because you were rooting for LSU.

(Ben B) #47

Paw, it is best to just admit when you are blatantly wrong.
No matter how long you lead for, a game can be a nail biter if it is close. You could lead from tip-off to final buzzer, but if you never lead by more than 5 it would still qualify as a “nail biter”, let alone 2 point lead with 30 seconds left.


Doesnt sound like you were at the game


Or maybe we have different definitions for nail biter. Are you shaggy’s wingman?

(Jason) #50

Well, technically…UH was down 15 and then won by 6…sooooooo…in the end, the Coogs won by 21, right? Maybe that’s what Paw is trying to say…in that sense, maybe the game wasn’t a nailbiter after all.

I am, however, being facetious…just a little hard to do via messaging.

Sorry, Paw…you’re a little wrong on this one! Haha!


Right. Comparing our home LSU win to a neutral court win over Duke with Zion is ridiculous. LSU had lost on a neutral court to OK State not long before they played us. LSU is a good team and really got their act together and that is a very, very strong win for us. But before Gonzaga won that game people were talking about Duke going undefeated. They looked borderline unbeatable. Of course Duke also lost in OT at home to Cuse with Zion, but they beat Virginia twice.

(Jimmy Morris) #52

Yeah, what am I thinking? What are the chances we miss a couple of free throws and the other team wins on the last possession? That never happens.

(Randy Randel) #53

This all proves what I’ve felt all along. I’m not as concerned about the seeding # as the matchups.


Just win the conf. Tournament. Everything else will take care of it self. 32-2 going into the Ncaa Tournament sounds good.


For sure. For example, even if Virginia is higher overall on the s-curve than Duke, I think we’d have a drastically better shot at beating Virginia than Duke if Zion is at 90+% after coming back.


West Virginia beats Texas Tech in the Big 12 tournament.

(Matt Jackson) #57

Tech is a rich man’s Cincy. UH would handle them.


Imagine if Texas loses against Kansas and still get an at-large bid :weary::weary::weary:

(Paul Marlow) #59

Tech spits the bit. We just need to win baby!

(Randy Randel) #60

Culver’s really good, though. I can see Nate blowing up like him next season


That’s what I said 3 months ago lol