#2 seed?

(Randy Randel) #62

I remember. Lots of similarities


But Hinton is more explosive, tho.


Dumb ass Joe Lunardi just said that Buffalo still needs to win their conference tournament to punch their ticket. That’s dumb.

(Mike Higdon) #65

I’d like to play them every year in football as well if we could get home and home. I’d also like to be tall and good looking, which has about as much of a chance.

(Paul Marlow) #66

Nate has to develop, but his size, athleticism, and swagger remind me of Kobe and Jordan. I can’t wait to see how he and Deeky develop in the offseason.


That sounds insane, especially since he has them as a 6 seed right now. Are you sure you heard that right?

(Patrick) #68

Lunardi is awful. ESPN can do better and save money by getting rid of him. Better people out there.

(Tom Green) #69


(Russel ) #70

You sure??..if that that’s when he said then he absolutely has no clue what’s going on! Btw I think Palm is much better

(Matt Jackson) #71

If we’re not going to be a #2, I’d take this path: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology

#3 in Tulsa, vs Harvard. With Maryland , Florida, or NC State as 2nd round opponent. Distracted LSU as the 2 seed and Gonzaga (who I think would be knocked off by FSU) as the #1.

(Thomas) #72

Much better for the Coogs to be in Tulsa than in Salt Lick City…

(Dan) #73

Anywhere but Salt Lake. Unfortunately 80% of the tourney field feels the same way.

Hard to see us getting a 2 seed at this point. Big 3 of the ACC all won yesterday and are in conference semis. Zags and B10 will take at least a 2 seed. If the SEC Big 3 win today that should be it. Once SEC and ACC gets to conference semis they play each other so those losses don’t count.

(Grant) #74

I want to see how LSU plays without Smart and their coach against someone other than Vandy. If they were to lose to Florida and with Tech being eliminated by WVU yesterday, I think a 2 still very much obtainable.

By the way, Florida has already beaten LSU once on the road and lost only by 1 at home last week before the suspensions.

That being said it’s a bit of a long shot. Either way, I think if UH wins a couple games we jump over Tech and ensure a spot in Tulsa regardless.

(Cougarpad) #75

We need to hope for the Tulsa region. Those games are on Friday which is probably better for UH fans watching on TV. Im a teacher off this week for Spring Break but it will be tricky for me next week to watch on TV depending on the game time. If we play at Tulsa more UH fans will also probably travel.

(Ben B) #76

The way Zion Williamson came back from injury, Duke will be a #1 seed once again.


They should be , with Zion in there they are probably the best team in the country period

(zx504) #78

No .500 team has ever received an at large bid.
No team with 16 losses has ever received an at large bid.
That university in austin is 16-16.
They better not make history.

(Tom) #79

We will beat Duke… nothing to see here

(Ben B) #80

Has anyone with 15 losses ever made it in?


Pretty sure 16-14 is the worst ever for an at-large, which happened twice. Of course, there are now four more at large spots than there used to be.

I think UT is out. .500 is going to be too big of a hurdle. Had they beaten TCU, or especially Kansas, and finished 17-16, I think they would have been in.