20 Memphis Players Test Positive - Game Postponed

per Duarte on Twitter: "Houston radio station ESPN 97.5 FM says Memphis football team has 20-plus players test positive for Covid-19, speculates Sept. 18 game against Houston may be in doubt"

Link: @Joseph_Duarte

I just saw that.

What a shame it would be if the game had to be cancelled.


Do they forfeit if they can’t field a team or is it resheduled?

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I can’t believe all those positives just popped up. I wonder haw many positives they had before they played.

I knew that it was going to be weird season…if it even completes at all.


Did it come from Arkansas State? Has anyone traced them?

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What I find interesting is that it takes on average 5-6 days for the incubation period for the virus. It sounds like to me that AR State brought the virus. Since 20 players tested positive, that also means the entire team was exposed. The incubation period could be up to 2 weeks after being exposed. Do we really want UH to play Memphis? Safety should be the #1 priority. It also would be interested to see if and how many AR State players test positive.

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Delusional bubbles popping?


We shouldn’t be surprised

Every single Memphis beat writer is posting this isn’t accurate… ALL OF THEM

This was a very irresponsible post by duarte… he is viewed as a credible media source… Taking media from an uncertified source and the posting it on his will make it seem verified or credible. And what’s even stranger is all the Memphis media are quote tweeting him that Info is incorrect… so he is getting notifications that’s it’s incorrect and he has put NOTHING up that there are people refuting it

Extremely irresponsible in the very panicked/hysteria state college football is in right now.


I’ve looked everywhere for info on this. Even my player has not heard any news. I would think the team would have some kind of knowledge or info.


Is our beat writer trying to sabotage us, or is he all about clicks?


Freaking Duarte at it again.

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I wonder if it’s positive tests or just quarantine for possible exposure

Who knows, but I expect quite a few games will be cancelled this year.

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Fake news even in sports. Who would have thunk it.


The very text of his message shows his source, he’s just repeating what someone else has reported and he says where it came from - maybe he shouldn’t have reported without verifying but hold off on burning Duarte at the stake. If the intel is bad, then it falls to ESPN 97.5 FM.


What a reporter, he listens to the radio

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