2012 Ticket City Bowl on ESPNCL Now

UH vs Penn State on TV right now. ESPN Classic.


I know who I am betting on lol!

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I was there in person. What a beautiful game Case Keenum and tean played!


I thought UH played in 2012 Ticket City Bowl, not 2008.

Was also there! Great game.

Picked up wrong date: it was played in 2012. Fixed it.


Of course I was there! Of course it was great.


We should have been in the Sugar Bowl…but that game was great… I just made it home from work. Just put Ticket City Bowl on YouTube. Keenum and Pat Edwards!

Wish Bill Obrien would have won Penn State Job…the Texans would have a great coach by Now.


We should have been playing in the Sugar Bowl.


Worst game ever. My boy, Carrier, got his knee torn up. I was miserable the entire game


Didn’t Bill O’Brien win the Penn State job? I believe he coached them for a couple years before being poached by the Texans.

He did…but Texans should have gone after Bill Cower…

That would have been great. But did/does he even want to continue coaching? It takes two to tango.

I think at the time he did.

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A coach of that caliber would have had many offers and would have landed something.

Just re-watched the game, man we had some talent on that team. I wish we could get Levine back as a recruiter! Man, did he have an eye for talent!


Was special time and game. How Case went up , lead band and just enjoyed it to the very last drop was such a special feeling. You could tell he just loved being a Coog. Was sad to see that team walk off for the last time…what an incredible ride it was

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Really enjoyed watching it !

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