2016 D1 Baseball Championship

(Geno) #1

Official NCAA.com Interactive Bracket

(Geno) #2

AAC teams go 2-1 on Day 1:


(itcoog) #3

Not bad. Uconn looks like we did in 2003 when we had Sullivan.

(srassen7) #4

ECU and UConn looked good in their openers yesterday. Tulane just ran into a buzzsaw in the form of Boston College, which sounds weird to say but we had our own issues with a Northern baseball team.

(Geno) #5

AAC Goes 2-1 on Day 2:

UConn has a quick turn-around against second-seeded GTBaseball in an elimination game at 12 p.m. on ESPN3.

(Patrick) #6

ECU got through and looked good doing so.