2016 Louisville-Houston Game Thread

(Patrick) #102

Another false start

(Patrick) #103

Came in late on the pile

(Patrick) #104

Holding on Louisville


Too bad Navy and SMU weren’t top five.

(Patrick) #106

Might be a safety on grounding. Yep

36-10 Coogs

(shharper01) #107

Too bad they were conference games. SMU was the real killer. They beat us about like we’re beating Louisville. At least we were banged up. I don’t think UofL has that excuse.

(Patrick) #108

(Patrick) #109

And it’s 11 sacks as Bowser was credited with one on grounding.

(shharper01) #110

Bowser Bowser Bowser!!! No matter what happens to our staff, this was a lot of fun. Hope we keep it up with a win at Memphis.

(shharper01) #111

Funny that the records don’t come against weaker opponents like Lamar or TX State. I guess we bring a lot of heat vs the good ones.

(Patrick) #112

Turnover on downs. Coogs will win 36-10


(Patrick) #113

Crowd rushing the field

(shharper01) #114

They ought to. What a fun night!

(Patrick) #115

Wrapping up some things:

Parachute video:

Different Angle: :wink:

Jackboyz reunion

Other celebrities (Houston Texans: Braxton Miller, Kevin Johnson, Charles James III, Deandre Hopkins and Rapper: Wakka Flocka):


Tunnel before kickoff. Turned off the lights for the first time and had the strobe light going:

And here’s a video of what its like coming out of the tunnel:

Crowd picture:

Rockets fans were into the Coogs…supposedly the crowd was very light over there:

Track and Field recceived their AAC Champion rings during the game:

The Bonner to Allen pass

Radio Call of the play:

The Legend of Ed Oliver

Legend of Tom Herman

Legend of the 3rd Ward D:

Reddit cartoon:

Maybe we should have been ranked::neutral_face:

Talking about the Cougars:

Crowd on the field:

AD Yurachek:

Kyle Allen:



Legend of Greg Ward: :cry:

Chancellor Khator from India

It has been a long time:

Getting ready for Memphis:

(Patrick) #116

Also, Herman before the game:

(Valar MorgCooglis) #117

Thanks for the posts!