[2016]New Contract for CKS

I’m thinking every single salary increase we’ve offered coach has been well worth it. I love getting pissed off at basketball losses now…there’s so much more meaning to this program and the losses sting more…but the relevancy is so worth it. Coach’s salary is worth it!

Consider where we were when this thread started. :slight_smile:

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He should have been fired the first year. After all, he had few players and wasn’t able to recruit and had a losing record !!!



edit - just now realized this was from 2016…

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Edited the title to alleviate any confusion. :slight_smile:

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I already texted a few friends that we locked him in for longer lol.

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So what is his contract status?


He signed a 18 mil 6 year deal a couple years ago.

Which will be his last contract, i look for him to turn it over to Kellen pretty soon

and you know this how? Coach K is 10 years older and wins at a high level.

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I don’t know, just a gut feeling that’s all

I think he stays thru his current contract. He would be about 70 then.

Who knows, he might stay as an assistant to Kellen😜


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