2017 AAC Bowl Talk

(Eric Prado) #1

Three turnovers in their first three possessions. SMU not helping the AAC.

Down 14-0


They’re playing like they’d rather be somewhere else. Sad.

(Eric Prado) #3

The end zone seats are empty


Hicks has to be drunk or hung over.

(Patrick) #5

SMU has a GA calling plays. They’re going through what we did last year as Morris left and took the staff.

(Eric Prado) #6

Minutes in to the Temple game and FIU loses their starting QB to shoulder injury.

(Cristian) #7

They just lost live ball on a backwards pass, SMH

Edit: 30 seconds later they intercepted FIU

(Eric Prado) #8

Temple up 7-0 in the 2nd.

(Eric Prado) #9

This ESPN crew is terrible


7-0 slugfest. No one in the stands. I won’t be surprised if we know everyone’s favorite food by the end of the game!


Who likes these bowls?

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #12

They were only prepared to speak in generalities about both teams.


I did find it funny that they kept wanting one of the senior receivers to go jump on one of the lawnmowers after scoring a touchdown.


I didn’t tune in until 2nd half. Good thing because had I watched the 1st half, I probably would not have watched the 2nd. I watched Temple like I was scouting them. I think they have the makings of a much better team next year. Defense will still be strong and I think their QB has good momentum to take to spring workouts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them contend in the East next year.

(Patrick) #15

(Eric Prado) #16


(Eric Prado) #17

Schimonek starting. Its the first matchup between these two programs


tech looks hungry


wonder is weather is going to play a factor in the air raid


It’s becoming clearer to me that USF has been highly overrated, offensively, all year. No wins over any good teams and now they’re aren’t representing AAC well.

UH really needs to represent well tomorrow.