2017 AAC Conference Preview and Predictions

Championship Game Prediction

One of my early college football picks is forecasting Houston and South Florida to meet in the AAC Championship Game. South Florida’s Quinton Flowers unique playmaking ability which allows him to beat you with both his legs and arm, will ultimately be the deciding difference.

Prediction: South Florida 34 Houston 31

About like how Lamar Jackson’s legs and arm worked against Houston…


Came here to make that exact comment, said it last year about UL and I’ll say it again for USF, their strengths play right into our strengths… we saw the result

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I’m not sure how USF’s OL will be this year, but I have to believe that center/guard combo from Louisville is still weeping alligator tears over having to try to block Ed Oliver. That was the most vicious beat down I’ve ever seen in the college football trenches. If Ed did that to the vaunted UL and OU O lines, he’ll do the same thing or worse to USF’s. Can’t wait to see us beat them in the regular season and for the conference title.

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Can’t wait to see him destroy the UTSA O-line.

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I think we have a great potential to be undefeated to go into the USF game undefeated, and that game will be the unofficial championship. I don’t think we would play them in the championship. I predict we play Cincy for the title. USF vs Cincy right before we play USF and I think USF will be battered when we play them. I see USF losing 2 games in conference, against UH and someone else.

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If we get good OL play, I think you may be right.

I’m worried about write ups like these that basically say we’re all set at qb with KA.

  1. You don’t just replace GW2 without some growing pains.

  2. I know ESPN and friends just expects P5 transfers to come in and dominate the lowly AAC. We have several data points and it doesn’t happen. Often solid contributors but this is not a JV league.

I may be wrong, but I feel we need KA to manage games and not throw pick 6’s. Our defense should keep us in most games. I believe KA will take the top off of the offense and not allow the defense to sit within 10 yards of the line.

In addition to KA, I look for most of the transfers to make an impact.

I predict UH vs Cindy for championship. Hopefully UH hosts.

I agree with this. As great as Greg was, I don’t think teams were really scared of the deep threat when they played us. Teams were able to keep their safeties up and spying Greg. When Greg did throw it deep, he lofted it and gave DBs plenty of time to either catch up with a receiver or run under a ball. How many times did we see Greg heave it down field and Chance Allen would have to stop and come back to it. With Kyle, they will have to be wary of the deep threat because he can throw it on a rope way down the field and we have some guys who can get down the field. He has the ability to hit streaking receivers in stride like Case was so good at. A legitimate deep threat does wonders to open up the running game and intermediate routes over the middle of the field. This is precisely what makes Baylor’s offense so good (and by proxy Tulsa). SMU’s offense could be that good if they could find a good QB.

I’m getting really excited just thinking about the possibilities. The keys will be accuracy and health. Since the OL should be better this year, I really have my hopes up.

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Who’s Cindy and what did she do to deserve a championship?

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Cindy is my wife and if UH is playing her they don’t have a chance.



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