2017 AAC player status (xfer, declared, grad, incoming)

CKS said at the press conference that it was an internal matter. No idea beyond that.

Last year was a record year for transfers as 811 players transferred which was a record. Based off my tracking last year, the American had 24 players transfer out, 1 announce a transfer and then decide to come back (Matt Williams/UCF), 1 player decide to go pro (Daniel Hamilton/UCONN), and 4 players decide to come back after declaring for the draft.

Right now, we’re at 23 players declaring for transfer counting the Lawsons and 2 players declaring for the draft counting Fall so it’s about the same.

A lot of it is due to coaching changes as players don’t really commit to schools anymore: last year, 6 guys transferred out from Memphis, 4 from Tulane and 3 from UCF; this year it’s SMU (now that Brown is gone) losing 3 and USF losing 6. Some of it is guys expecting playing time right away and not getting it; probably a big reason why the guys are fleeing UCONN, Tulsa, and Tulane. Players aren’t patient anymore and coaches make promises to guys because they want depth in case other players leave.

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Hmmmm…Georgia Tech has 4 open spots right now…Guessing their dad may have a job lined up in Atlanta.

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So much for Memphis next year.

Further damaging for the Memphis program is that there are two more Lawson brothers – Chandler and Johnathan. One is a top-25 national recruit in the Class of 2019, the other a top-10 national recruit in the Class of 2021. Memphis had been recruiting both. Now neither projects as a future Tiger. Also worth noting: Markel Crawford is too leaning toward transferring, a source told CBS Sports. The 6-foot-5 junior averaged 12.8 points and 4.4 rebounds this season. He could theoretically graduate and transfer without penalty, meaning he would be eligible at another Division I program next season.

Tubby Smith is dealing with what happened at UH in CKS 1st year.

Unfortunately the rebuild for Memphis is starting 1 year late.

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Memphis did get some good news today with JUCO SG Kareem Brewton committing today. Brewton was rated the 22nd best JUCO recruit by JUCO recruiting.

With Wichita State coming in, there’s only one update to the list:

JUCO #9 PG Samajae Haynes-Jones will be added to the Shocker roster next year.

Other than that, they return everyone in their main rotation and their one recruit isn’t notable other than for his size.

Corey Davis is visiting UH as we speak. Hopefully, he is the last piece to the puzzle.

Memphis losing a 3* Freshman PG now:

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Added Corey Davis to the incoming list - JUCO #18 - for Houston

Also added that TK Edogi from Tulsa will be transferring to Iona and Craig Randall II from Memphis will be transferring to Duquesne. Both had announced transfers earlier this off-season.

This was expected

Description of the ugly situation. Sounds a bit familiar…

I may have missed it, but what is the status on Harris?

He’s “joining” the team according to JD, but the details are unknown. As of now, Coogs don’t have any scholarships available so he would have to walk-on.

Not trying to start any rumors here, but I wonder if Galen Robinson will be back. I love his hustle but I noticed more than once during the season that him and coach had words on the sidelines. Personally I hope he is back but I can see where he might be giving thoughts to leaving. Once again, I have no inside info but mainly curiosity…

I think @Lonecat mentioned earlier in the week that the transfer from Liu is getting some type of financial aid. So that leaves UH with one left for Chris Harris.

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