2017 Bowl Game

(Eric Prado) #1


Boooooo. Happy for the players, though.

(gpropes) #3

That’s a tremendous reward for the student athletes. That’s also a bowl game that the vast majority of us will be watching on television, especially as it’s played on Christmas Eve.


took a quick look on Travelocity and flights to Honolulu from Houston are $1,000.00+ leaving on 18th and returning on 26th.


@uhlaw97 must be jumping for joy right now.

(Cary) #6

Hey Law, take the entire Schofield Barracks.


Yep, it’s about the same on kayak. I went to our last Hawaii bowl in 2003 but I’ll probably skip this one.

(Brad) #8

UH versus Boise State would be a great matchup. Especially since Harsin and Major were Co-OCs at UT under Mack Brown.

(Ryon Adams) #9

If the Hawaii Bowl is indeed the destination, then I’ll be seeing all of you at the tailgate!

(J V ) #10

If it is Hawaii. It’s great for the players. I will buy tickets and donate them.

It would be great to give it to servicemen, how would we do that?

(Brad) #11

Here is one way

(Cary) #12

Every military base has what is called an “ITT” section. That is a ticketing and travel office that provides discount tickets to local attractions. The Athletic Office needs to contact the Joint Base Pearl Harbor - JBPH, which includes Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor Naval Station, and the Army Schofield Barracks to arrange a program for military members to pick up tickets. They will advertise to all members of the bases and who the tickets are courtesy of.

I work for PACOM in the Makalapa Crater as a Reservist, but my annual tour isn’t till March… :disappointed:

MSgt Cary Mueller, USAFR.

(Alan Tran) #13

Of course they would want to put us against a G5. We have a decent chance of handling any of the P5 opponents cough FSU Indy Bowl cough they could put in front of us. Thus making the P6 movement more legit.


Alexogar - The last Hawaii bowl was 2003 with Kolb at QB in OT loss to Hawaii. If it is Hawaii bowl this year, good for the team, bad on expenses.

(shharper01) #15

how do expenses.play into it? would the band get to go?

(Patrick) #16

I think the Independence Bowl went out the window with the Tulane loss to SMU. Looks like we have to fill the conference bowl commitments first and there just aren’t very many we have that would allow for us to play a P5. Birmingham would be one, but I imagine that Memphis or UCF will deservedly get that slot.

Looks like if we go to Hawaii, we’ll get a rematch against SDSU or play the Boise State/Fresno State loser. That’s not a bad consolation prize. Sounds like the hold up is on whether USF wants to head out there.

Otherwise, we’re playing a CUSA team in St. Petersburg or a MAC team in Boca Raton.

(Cary) #17

The conference allows members to deduct their team expenses from the bowl allotment - in this case $650k for the Hawaii. If there is left over after travel expenses are deducted, the remainder is sent to the conference for even distribution. Long story short, if we go to the Hawaii Bowl, it will be $650k just to get the team there for airfare and hotel. Maybe even a little out of pocket.

$1300 normal airfare, which means probably $1000/person for group rate/charter X 150 players coaches, staff, and administrators = ~$150k-$200k

$200 per night in hotel accommodations (players double up) X 120 rooms = $24k per night X 5 nights = $120k after taxes.

~$100/day in food expenses X 150 people X 5 days = $75k-$100k

Plus local transportation to events, practices, and security = ~$100k

You are already looking at $500k minimum just for the team.


You are right, I meant 2003. It was a crazy game and even crazier finish. I was glad to get out of that stadium since the fight that was happening on the field was about to progress up to the stands.

(Cary) #19


Cary, my manager is a brigadier general USAF reserve with PACOM and he is in Hawaii now. James Coombes, I was wondering if you knew him.