2017 Football Teleconference Week 9 - Houston Head Coach Major Applewhite

(Patrick) #1
  • Talks about Ed Oliver’s mental stability with teams gameplanning for him all the time. Mentions that he had another vicious chop block from Memphis this past week.
  • Mentions that he doesn’t see Oliver get frustrated or down.
  • Pleased with how Catalon and Birden have run the past few weeks. Thought they were effective against Tulsa even though we weren’t getting yards.
  • Have to get better with protecting the QB. Mentions a key sack against Tulsa and a key sack against Memphis that cost us possessions at key points.
  • Says Postma did some good things with his feet early and late in the game. Ball security is critical, especially late. Compares to UCLA in a similar situation.
  • How you finish the fight and we didn’t do it? Mentions ball security and discipline.
  • Asked about USF offense? Physical, good OLine. Athletes are good, physical receiver. Mentions the skill players and Flowers. Keeps mentioning physical.
  • Asked about how good Houston recruits are; says that if he can get 60-70% of the kids in the area, you’ve got a good recruiting class.
  • Good to have a strong opponent like USF after a tough loss to get attention back. No off week in this conference.

(Patrick) #2
  • Proud of his football team. Tested every part of their program and their heart came through.
  • Offensively, couldn’t find rhythm in the first half, but responded in the 2nd half.
  • Defense played exceptional in the first half; had to fight against two turnovers by the offense in the first half.
  • Special Teams unit deserves a ton of credit for the return TD and for great coverage against a good return unit.
  • 2nd half, offense calmed down. Longest drive in the 2nd half was 2:30 so very efficient.
  • Never any panic, even when falling behind.
  • Handled adversity well: Lost multiple starters on defense and RBs are beat up. No matter what it takes, you have to play with great accountability and physicality.
  • Lot of close games that they’ve won by one possession.
  • Calls Ed Oliver a great player. Fast, physical, uses hands well, plays hard. Effort on how he pursues the football is incredible - can make plays downfield. His passion is something that you can’t coach which is what makes him a special player.

(Patrick) #3
  • Houston is a really good football team. Tremendous athletes that are big, athletic and they can run
  • Not concerned that Flowers efficiency is down this year. They’re running the ball well and they are throwing quite a few 50/50 balls.
  • Flowers makes so many unbelievable plays that sometimes you have to sit back and just say wow.
  • Game this week is Texas vs. Florida when it comes to the players as both squads recruit similarly in their own states
  • Doesn’t talk about the 30-point streak, just go out and compete and execute. Just win.
  • No one in the locker room talks about the winning streak or the 30-point streak.
  • Lot of seniors on the team that helps with the transition and help manage the team. Those guys just want to win.
  • Team has a target on its back and you don’t worry about how much you win by, just play your game.
  • Missed tackles in the 4th quarter of last week aren’t a concern. Not tired, just missed tackles.
  • Doesn’t worry about the scoreboard in regards to the 30 point record.