2017 Road Trips

Time to make our plans for next fall’s travel. Preliminary plans called for UTSA, Tulane and our big out-of-town trip this year was to Arizona and then playoff game at end of the season. Now we decided to make the big out-of-town trip to Philadelphia to see UH vs Temple and spend time in the Philly area seeing the sights. We enjoyed our fall trip Annapolis (except for the rainy day loss) but want to explore the Philadelphia area including Valley Forge, nearby Gettysburg and perhaps an AC casino the week of the game. So 3 road trips scheduled so we can begin to set our calendars.
Where’s everyone heading next year to support the Coogs?

Tulane, for sure. Is it better to buy tickets through our UH season tickets, or online, for a better seat selection?

UTSA & Arizona for me. Flights to Tuscon are 189 rounds trip

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What airline and when did u book ur flight? That’s a great deal.

I’m finally out of the band this year so my dad and I are planning trips to UTSA and Tulane!

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Yea what airline?

I want to do UTSA, Arizona and Tulane.

Definitely will go to UTSA, Tulsa, and Tulane. Maybe go to Arizona; my wife won’t go to that one (or Tulsa either); and I don’t know if I want to subject myself to the heat. After surviving a heat stroke some years back, I have a hard time with heat and the early season day games at TDECU are hard enough on me.

We’ve bought both ways but usually through UH to help meet team allotment sales numbers. Not always the best seats since they’re visitor’s seating. You can often get better seats through the home team. Tulane trip has always been a great trip. Looking forward to seeing Yulman stadium.

We’ve talked about Tulsa. We haven’t been there in all these years but we could incorporate it into a family visit to wife’s Missouri family. Oct might not be to bad weather-wise. Nice fall day, see some fall color, and should be a good game.

Arizona, Tulane, and UTSA.

UTSA will be played indoors, which will be nice, although the rest of San Antonio will be hot and muggy. (It was that way the last time we played UTSA there.)

Yulman Stadium is nice. Warning: there is essentially no parking available. You can walk up before kickoff and buy a ticket anywhere other than the Tulane club sections. Last time there our fans were stuck with end zone/15 yard line seats, if they bought their tickets through UH.

About Philadelphia: great trip with lots to see and do besides the game. If Independence Square doesn’t satiate your historical interest, then check out the U.S.S. Olympia on the Delaware River and the U.S.S. New Jersey across on the other side.

Thanks for the great information. We always try to engage in the culture and historical aspects of the areas we visit.

I live in SA so UTSA won/t be a “roadie”. I’m planning an extended vacation in Boston and Philly in the Fall, so Temple will be in the mix, also planning a trip to the Big Easy, so Tulane also. may not be able to make Arizona, but could still be possible.

Going to the UTSA game and visiting San Antonio always makes for a fun trip so we are planning to make that one for sure with the “gang”.

Cheapest I’m seeing right now is through Southwest for a little over $300 ($154 each way). Add me to the list of people wanting to know where you saw round trips for $189.

You’re right. I checked back and I set it up wrong. One way. My mistake, still not to bad.

United has changed how they show pricing. If you ask for round trip they formerly showed the round trip price, now they show segment pricing like Southwest does.

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