2017 Team Picture

Chris Harris is definitely there


Damnnn, that’s a lot of Talent in one room. I’m more excited about this UH team than any other like in forever.

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Yep, tons of depth, just need guys to step up now.

Yes. CKS will have to find who could make the rotation. Then redshirt a player or two to have them for insurance in case someone gets hurt. Maybe he doesn’t red shirt anyone.

Where is Rob Gray?

Good question.

Its the Summer. He probably went back home for the Summer

Nah he’s def in town for workouts and practices. Not sure why he isn’t in the pic tho.

He took the picture

I like it. Maybe Rob is busy getting a minor in photography.

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Well then he did a good job! :slight_smile:

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Hes around as the strength coach sent this out a week or two ago:

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