2018-19 Houston-Area Bowl TV Ratings

(Patrick) #1

Houston’s bowl blowout against Army, understandably, hurt the bottom line as well. The Armed Forces Bowl averaged just 83,000 fans compared to 138,000 for UH’s Hawaii Bowl loss in 2017.


Yikes, when we have good ratings we have good ratings. But when we have bad ones, boy are they bad.

But better than some P5 ratings!

(Paul Marlow) #3

Another data point for Pez that the buzz for the program was on a declining trajectory.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

I didn’t realize that the LSU-UCF game was the only NY6 game that wasn’t broadcast on multiple channels. Trying so hard to keep AAC ratings down before the new contract is signed.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

A little confused on the premise we had bad ratings in our game. Looks like we had the highest rated game of all the two unranked team matchups. Highest rated game of all games broadcast before the 29th. 2 1/2 times more than Wake Forest/Memphis on the same day.

Edit: Didn’t notice this was local only. :grinning:

(Patrick) #6

Sorry, messed up in the title. These are Houston-Area ratings.

(Bill F.) #7

Peach bowl was not multiple channels… Why are people surprised that people didn’t watch a blowout?

(Patrick) #8

National Bowl Ratings are up at http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/

Houston-Army was 22nd overall, drawing a 1.6 rating with 2.577M viewers. Not bad, but I’m guessing most watching were Army fans.