2018-2019 Season


Does anyone know when the basketball schedule will be announced for next year? Thanks.


conference schedule announced in September…

non conference schedule is announced whenever it is finished…last year it was mid july

individual games should be getting leaked as they are happening

if you are curious these are our known games
LSU at home
Saint Louis at home
and Rice in an unknown round robin tournament
these are the 4 confirmed games we know off


Thanks Pesik; do you know the dates of the home games with LSU and St. Louis? I am hoping they do not conflict with other things I am planning!


that hasn’t been released yet


Thanks. I finally got to talk to someone at UH yesterday, and learned the same thing. I got the impression that they are waiting to find out - EXACTLY - when the Fertitta Center will be finished because they want those two games to be played there. If that is the case, they may not be able to finalize that December schedule until much later!

Phooey - I am going ahead with my other plans; if that makes me miss a game, it JUST MAKES ME MISS A GAME!