2018 AAC expert picks: Overrated, underrated teams and predicted order of finish

Not many on board UH’s wagon over at CBS. Simmons seems to be the only one that believes.

Houston: The return of D’Eriq King at quarterback and the arrival of Briles at offensive coordinator means the Houston offense takes a big step forward in 2018. Houston already has the most dominant defender in college football with Oliver, but that defense also gets high level additions from TCU’s Isaiah Chambers and Ole Miss’ Deontay Anderson. This is not going to be a fun team to play. – Barton Simmons


Ugh… Very disappointed in CBS Sports. I eagerly hopped over to the CBSS site soon after my CBSS app notified me it posted. At the end of reading the mess I really did not give a crap what they had to say about AAC or UH. IOW, I felt like each of the writers felt when they started the process of writing the article.

It was obvious the collective grasp of AAC football found in the mass of words is limited. It appears to me these writers aided by summer interns did interwebs searches on each AAC teams. Of course, these searches likely turned up “exeprtise” on the AAC from sources that don’t give a crap about non P5 conferences. From this pile of…let’s say…newly found “knowledge” about that-there AAC each writer served up snarkily edged “analysis.” (Whatever emoji looks like: “Wow!” emoji mashed with “Stupid!” emoji mashed with “Why Did I Read This Mess!” emoji)

The article is typical euphemistic dribble full of “sports writer phrasing” (the parallel to coach’s speak). The opinions are callow. I found no tangible insight about any AAC teams. Sadly it ends with predictions. I got the sense none of these writers nor their interns give a rat’s ass whether the AAC. (“Sad Sports Writer!” emoji, “Non P5!” emoji)

“They don’t know stupid but act like they do,” is a phrase my dad, an Army lifer, used as an observation but most often an insult (especially when applied to the USAF…my service). It applies to this article and these sports writers.



I am just glad UH has Rena running the show…:thinking:

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Two of them picked us 3rd in the West. Really boys. Are you Cowboy fans?

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I’m ok with this. Memphis winning the west is an easy call. They have beaten us twice in a row and we play them at home. Our record is 7-5 , having lost our last game badly to a MW team. We have to prove we you are good between the hashes.

They have every AAC favorite except Memphis as overrated, but they have those same teams winning the conference, plus Memphis. If you’re overrated, you’re probably not going to win the conference

Agree that we have to prove it.

But last year’s team was “close” to having a phenomenal record. I know, I know…but the Coogs only lost two games by more than 4 points. One was the “bad” loss to SDSU you mentioned (a 6-point loss btw). The other was in the Annual Inexplicable Loss Game, with last year’s guest of honor being Tulsa. Tulsa was the only team to beat UH by more than 6 points. They really overdid it, beating us by 28.

Easy to see the glass being half full this season. But you’re right, the only thing that matters is getting it done on the field. As “someone” once said, “Let’s put this $#!% on paper!”

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That is the philosophy with the AP ranking UT so not an unprecedented rationale for evaluating a team in the preseason.


Dennis Dodd has us third in the division and also has Ed has a Heisman finalist. Weird.

Dangerous quote after some of the comments on this board. I know where it came from, and he wore long sleeves to cover up all of his tattoos, haha!

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OTOH we won 3 games by a TD or less so it could have been a disastrous season

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Yeah, but why would we even consider that? It’s PRESEASON, we’re gonna be National Champs!!!


Yep! We will be the champs! The only thing that concerns me is the soft defense employed against
Memphis and the refusal to adjust in the second half in that game and virtually every game. Those Miami fans warned us and I am still hoping they are wrong.

Crossing my fingers!

Memphis is overrated this year. they gonna take a step back with ferguson and miller leaving for the draft watch.

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I think this too. I honestly don’t get the love affair with Memphis this year.

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i wouldn’t be shocked if they had 2 conference losses before they even play us. at navy and vs ucf.


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