2018 American Athletic Conference Media Days - July 23-24 2018

(Patrick) #1

Getting closer.

(Dan) #2

Who do you think coach will bring to media days? Ed and Noble perhaps?

(Patrick) #3

Ed, Noble, Davis, and King? I think the first three are probably locks, but there really isn’t a solid 4th option. Figure King might be the guy as I figure those 4 will probably be the captains this year.


How many Kendal Briles questions will Major get at AAC media days?

(Patrick) #5

I’m assuming a few…he seems to have the answer down pat though.

(Alfred Matthews) #6

oliver , noble and garrett davis is my guest.


agreed. He knows what he is doing.

(gpropes) #8

The correct answer is Davis, King and Oliver.

(Patrick) #9