2018 ESPN CFB Shoot

I love everything about our unis that I have seen except for that damn white helmet.


I’m with you on the white helmet. Also, I don’t like the alternate logo on our helmets. I’m old school, no doubt.


I would prefer the two red stripes from the 70s on the helmet To compliment this uniform. I like the middle stripes on the helmets old school style.

Wear the red helmets!!! I agree. :sunglasses:


white helmets are BOSS.


lol I love the matte white with the alternate logo


Yep, those white uniforms are my fave


I am also a fan of the icy whites.

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The red helmet would work if you could see the logo, but with that gray logo you can’t see it.

Very much like the all-white look. I remember they did a classic/best uniforms piece several years ago, and UT’s road unis were #1. Don’t know if I’d have put them #1, but I do think they’re sharp. So are our ice unis.

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Icey Whites are the bomb. Recruits and players love the look. Not a fan off the all red look. I wish we’d bring back the black alternate uniforms we had when we played BYU.

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I’d also like to see red pants with the icy look. Not red helmets with red pants though. Sort of a Nebraska look.

Yep throw our history away so we can look cool like texas and Nebraska …

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Says the guy with the alternate logo as his avatar…


It is our logo, I guess you could say we are biting Penn St. by using it and I wouldn’t complain, but IMO it is not the same as wearing white helmets to look like other schools.

Our “historical” look of red helmet, red jersey, white pants, only looked like OU, Arkansas, and umpteen others. I prefer the all red top and pants with white helmet for our home look.

I will give you OU since they have interlocking letters on their helmets but not Arkansas and umpteen others. Plus my statement is about helmets period. I do not like us wearing white helmets, but I like even less when we are looking cool like texas and Nebraska.

Those uniforms look so good. No complaints here. The all red with wet cougar logo looked minor league.

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This is what our uniforms should be every game, even when our opponent is wearing red…



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