2018 Graduate transfers tracker

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Wow Rice with 4 on the list. That is more than the rest of the G5 combined. I wonder how many made the decision before talking to Bloomgren.

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From ‘Latest News’ Feb 7th on that site:

They do have a grad trans QB coming in:

"Finally, Shawn Stankavage is leaving Vanderbilt to play college football at Rice. Stankavage will have a year to play for Rice, which has a new coaching staff. He only completed one pass in his career for the Commodores, which was plagued by injuries. "


Not seeing the WR from UT that declared he is transferring on the list? Or maybe its my old eyesight?


This for graduate transfers.


10-4, gotcha…my mistake

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Bunch of RBs on the list w some solid experience. (with Duke gone, prob a need)

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wasn’t baylor rb williams mentioned as a possibility

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Interesting. Eagans was at A&M, but will transfer at the end of the semester. He was originally recruited to A&M on a track scholarship and played football, but lost his mom after his 1st season and prior to his first meet. He ended up leaving the football team to focus on track, but was then dropped from the track team before the next season. He stayed at A&M to get his degree as a promise to his mom, but is now looking at his future.

He hasn’t played in a football game since his high school senior season and hasn’t been at practice since his freshman year in 2014. He’s fast and was primarily a slot receiver/kick returner in high school. He will have two years of eligibility left.

Possible Grad Transfer (Caleb Eagans)
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