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I was wondering what the video sounded like. It just sounds like distortion from where im sitting. Sound system woes.



I can’t understand it in 103.

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In 120 the speakers suck.


That’s too bad. When a stadium is delivered. In case there were issues with the sound system it would have been part of the “punch list” That is a question that should be (have been) addressed. We paid a ton for this sound system.

DLR Group
Smith & Company Architects

General contractor:
Manhattan Construction

This clearly falls onto Manhattan Construction’s lap. It is never too late to get back to them.

It’s been an ongoing issue for years. I think even I emailed hunter or someone else and told them the sound system needed to be fixed but what happened the season after was that they lowered the volume. Lol

Looks pretty sweet to me.

Unfortunately I missed it last week. Me and about a thousand other folks were stuck at Gate 2 (SW gate) while two sweet grandmotherly ladies tried to scan everyone’s tickets. Maybe should have planned for more than two scanners. Took about 15 minutes to get through the gate.

I’d email about that one. CP seems very focused on improving the fan experience. One more gate attendant is nothing in the scheme of things.

Or get into the stadium 15 mins earlier.


I moved from the east end pressbox side to the west end pressbox side. The sound was much better nearer to the scoreboard and the speakers. A good sound engineer and a lot of money could fix the sound problems.

It has been my experience with construction projects that the sound system is the first place construction budgets get cut for a public facility that is not primarily a sound performance facility. We were working on a tight budget, hence there was little thought given to the sound. We just built a big screen and put some speakers around it without any detailed analysis of what happens to the sound.

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I just don’t this one compared to the previous years. The first couple of seconds are cool though.

Also the audio of the actual video isn’t all that great. Tons of “over drive”, synthetic sound, and power chords. It’s just a mess when played in a stadium. I think the best speakers and acoustics in the world wouldn’t really help much. You need a relatively simple beat with lots of treble to keep things audible.

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