2018 MLB Draft / AAC / UH/ AAC Draft Recap

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Interesting…former AM QB. The starting QB for Oklahoma next season.

That slot is worth close to $5 million. Will he blow off football?


I would lol for 5 million

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Round 1C (Compensation for Alex Cobb)

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Round 2
#49 Greyson Jenista- 1st Base-Braves from Wichita.
How was Wichita so bad w the 3d & 49th pick?

#58 Jonathan Bowlen-RHP-KC from Memphis.
Trivia: his Dad threw a perfect game for Memphis.

#65 Tim Cate-LHP-Washington from UConn.

(Patrick) #6

I was glad we missed Cate this year. Kid is an absolute stud.

And if I’m Murray, I take the baseball money and run. Safer sport and that money is guaranteed. If he happens to do well, he’ll make a lot more in MLB than he would in the NFL.


He can be a pro baseball player and still play NCAA football. SB Nation quotes him as saying that’s his plan for 2018.

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Whats the chance of Fletcher or Cumbie staying if they don’t get drafted in the next few rounds

(Randy Randel) #10

Probably zero

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Current contract as of now @$160k (middle of round 8)
Guess it depends how badly they want to get pro career started.
Rational to think if they come back they go much higher but who knows?


I don’t, in any form or fashion, keep up with college baseball enough to have an opinion on the draft, but I’m a bit surprised we haven’t had anyone drafted yet. That tells me last year’s team was even more stacked than I realized. Of course, 2 of the 6 guys drafted last year were Cumbie (38th round) and Coldiron (39th round). We are currently in the 10th round, so I expect these guys to get drafted again, but they may not be receiving the upward boost they were hoping for by playing another year. Really thought Joe Davis would have been drafted by now.

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$3.5 million tough to turn down.

(David) #15

Wichita St has had 5 players drafted before any UH players?

(Dustin) #16

So 10 rounds and no Coogs or Coog recruits taken. Make of that what you will.

(Patrick) #17

Yep…no idea why they haven’t fired their coach.

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Wichita was 9-14-1 in the AAC and all this talent gone.
What is next years record going to look like?

(Patrick) #19

If the Coogs get drafted now, they aren’t subject to the draft $$ pool for each team and can be signed for whatever the team drafting them wishes to give them. Most teams will draft high schoolers that may be tough to sign around this range in order to be able to give them a larger contract than they would through the first 10 rounds. College juniors don’t usually get that much.

What does this mean for the Coogs? Well, it means that our juniors have a tough decision to make on whether they want to come back and try and improve their draft position or if they want to turn pro. Cumbie and Davis haven’t graduated (I believe Fletcher has, but I may be wrong) so that may be something those guys look at; Davis also has his girlfriend at UH for another year (Softball’s superstar, Savannah Heebner). Thing is, I’m not sure how much any of them can actually improve their draft stock. Davis is a solid power hitter that is slow and isn’t a great defender. Fletcher and Cumbie both aren’t flamethrowers and don’t hit 90 on the gun, but are very good with the off-speed stuff to keep hitters off-balance. Cumbie’s regression this year, along with the increased homers he gave up, may be something that is keeping teams away while Fletcher’s injury history may be a problem. I imagine that if they’re drafted before the 20th round, that they will leave…anything beyond that and there’s a chance they return.

None of the Cougar incoming guys have been drafted yet. Again, if they aren’t drafted prior to 20, good chance they’ll be here next year.

(srassen7) #20

They hit pretty consistently and I think knocked Fletch around worse than anyone other than that awful brief start vs Tulane. Their lineup could be nasty.

I didn’t realize until recently that their current HC followed their legendary coach and actually hasn’t made the tourney once in 5 years. That seems… not great. Heck, even Cincy wasn’t satisfied with that from their last coach and they don’t have a fraction of Wichita State’s history in the sport.