2018 Nike Elite Coaches Polo

(Jay C.) #1

Looks like this year’s Elite coaches polo will feature Nike’s new “blade” collar like Tiger and Rory have been wearing on the golf course. I know some will hate it, but I have one of these for golf and they are super comfortable. I’ll definitely be picking on of these up once they hit the bookstore.


(br5exg) #2

I’m not a fan, but I’ll buy one.

(Cristian) #3

Definitely getting one. How i long for the day in being one of the ones featured on the website because of popularity. Soon enough my friends. Soon enough


You’re right about popularity, don’t see cow college on there.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

I cant wait for the 2018 gear to be released.

(itcoog) #6


(Brian C) #7

Here’s a link to what the gear will look like: http://www.bsnsports.com/pdfs/NTS_M_Authentics_co.pdf

(WRB) #8

Liking the look. Good to hear it is comfortable. I’ll be in for a couple.

(Jason Lee) #9

Thought they’d look worse. Kinda like the small collar.