2018 OF Tyler Russell visits - Update: Commits! (Updated: Headed to San Jac instead)

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Not too much info on this kid:

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I talked to a West Columbia coach the other day and he is very excited about Tyler signing with UH…he told me that the kid is talented and has tremendous upside and plenty of room to benefit from a top weight program since he is 6-4 and only 165 pounds…wouldn’t be surprised for him to be redshirted his first year…

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Another Cougar hat in West Columbia…doesn’t get any better than that!

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My home town and I live here now. Sad history in Seth Romero… We could use the lift!

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I got to play many games on that field! Mostly Rec league unfortunately! We had a nice short distance between the plate and backstop. I enjoyed that as a catcher. It made a wild pitch an opportunity for a tag out at the plate from time to time!

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Grats to a fellow Roughneck!

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Looks like he’s not coming to UH:


Disparity in scholarship $$ between D1 and Jucos pushes a lot of talent that direction

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Yep, really needs to change. D1Baseball rules don’t make much sense and aren’t keeping up with the times even though the popularity of it is gaining steam.