2018 OOC schedule

(Will) #1

IWe still have sn open OOC home date for 2018 and it appears every FBS team is booked with 2 road games. The only available opponent i found in FBS is Wake Forest.

Better than FCS so we should get it scheduled

I woukd like to see us cancel 2 of 4 games with UTSA, Georgia Southern, and road games with any Non P5 teams. Take a road game at Alabama, LSU, Arkansas


We don’t actually have an open date for 2018. FBSchedules just doesn’t have our game against Texas Southern listed, for whatever reason.

Taking road games at SEC schools is not a good strategy. Not only does it almost certainly lose money for our athletic department, it also frames UH Football as an inferior product, and hurts our ticket sales for the rest of the season when we inevitably get reamed. We need to play schools that will come to Houston.

(Patrick) #3

TSU game hasn’t been announced as official yet. It will more than likely happen, but I’m guessing there are details to work out (date, money, etc).

(Dustin K) #4

If only scheduling were that simple. Really we want home and home with those programs you mention.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

The irony is how much trouble it is to schedule 2 to 3 quality games and people still suggest we go independent.


If we keep winning 9-10 games a year, it’s going to get much, much, harder. lol


Why, oh why, would we even consider scheduling Texas Southern?

(Eric Prado) #8

Because its a deal involving us playing at their Basketball stadium until the Fertitta Center is complete.



(Eric Prado) #10

You’re not worth replying to anymore.

(Mike Higdon) #11

I really think we should just insist that Bama, LSU, Michigan, and Ohio State schedule 4 games each with us and have them all here. Just sayin’ :wink:

(Brad) #12

Refusing to ever consider playing anyone puts us in company with UT and TAMU. I’m ok playing TSU every 10 years.


What would you call it?

(Will) #14

Alabama does not play OOC road games. We have to take what we can get. If you want to be A blue blood you gotta beat them at thier house.

Playing Texas Southern is pointless and insulting to UH fans.


…negotiation? Bargaining? It’s not like there aren’t other places we could have played. TSU just made what our administration considered the best offer and it happened to include scheduling a football game.

(Jay C.) #16

I never realized that before about Alabama, but they have not played a true non-conference road game since going to Penn State in 2011. I’m surprised they don’t catch more flak for that from the media.


Sorry if I stepped on toes, I know negotiating is tough. It’s just frustrating that just when it looks like we’ve gotten rid of our FCS opponents, boom!, their back. Is not strength of schedule a big, if not the biggest, reason given for one team making the playoff or NY6 bowl and others not? If that’s true, and I’m not saying it is, it’s just what I hear the pundits say come November, why would we schedule an FCS team that will further weaken our chances? I know we need a place to play BB, but I, personally, would pay more cash to someone else so as not to be forced to hurt another program. Does anyone have inside scoop on the process for finding a BB venue? Did we talk to Rice? HBU?, HISD?


I don’t think it does. They have a conference schedule that is tougher than ours so no one busts their chops too bad if they play Nicholls State, for example, unless they just squeak by. If we had their conference schedule, I wouldn’t have said a word. IMO, as long as the majority of our conference schedule is in the bottom 1/2 of the FPI, we can’t afford to schedule FCS opponents.


I love our neighbors down at TSU, its a great FCS opponent compared to whats out there and I love their university, used to party over there back when I was in school. Plus its a game that sells tickets for sure.


What would you call Alabama playing Florida State in the Mercedes Dome in Atlanta to open the season this year??
That really kills two complaints noted on this board

  1. that Alabama never plays anybody strong outside of conference (WRONG) played USC in Arlington last year if I recall
  2. Alabama never plays anybody OOC on the road (WRONG). See USC above
    Just sayin…