2018 Road Games

(Jay C.) #1

What road games are you planning on making it to in 2018?

Our group will be at Rice on Sept 1st, though calling that a road game is generous. Red will outnumber blue 4 to 1 in the dump that day.

Booked flights and hotel for Lubbock yesterday, flying out of IAH Friday night.

May try to make it to Dallas in November, will make that call later.

(Alfred Matthews) #2

I’m really thinking about going to Lubbock for the tech game. game tickets should be cheap and flight prices are reasonable.

smu for sure if i can convince my gf to come. if not then i’ll go by myself.


Definitely going to Lubbock, we owe them some payback.


SMU, wife’s sister lives up there so we can slum off of her! And Rice. And maybe Memphis.


Going to Rice for sure. Going to try to get some buddies to do a road trip to either Lubbock or SMU. We’ll see.


I may try to make SMU, I heard that 7-11 has a new menu. :wink:


Get the burrito, it hasn’t changed in 40 years!

(Larry) #8

We made our reservations for the ECU game this week as our “big” away trip. Flying in and staying to explore North Carolina while we’re there. This year’s big “Away Game” plans. Previously trips to Annapolis (Navy), Philadelphia (Temple) and now ECU. Nice all three have been during the mid-fall time. Although, we almost drowned at the Navy game in the stands. Planning with family for possible local Lubbock and Dallas trips. After the AAC Championship we’ll make plans for the NY6 Bowl. Go Coogs!