2018 Rule Changes

Want to shorten the length of games…

  • Quit stopping the clock on first downs between play being blown dead and ball placement
  • Less booth reviews. Refs seem to get more calls than not, close enough; or shall I say, in many cases, there’s not enough indisputable video evidence to overturn a call. Perhaps move to more of a coaches challenge model that at least can be limited on number of uses
  • Less TV time-outs
  • Shorten half-time. Tough for college due to school bands, drill teams, etc. Check out an NFL half-time. It’s a flat 15 minutes that starts before the teams even have a chance to trot all the way to the locker room

As much as it seems even the NFL games are crazy long, they actually have it down to less than 3.5 hours. Seems like college runs closer to 4 on average.

TV commercials raise money for the networks which is part of why they can payout hefty dollars in TV contracts to conferences, etc. So I don’t think we’ll ever see less of them. I would rather they cluster all of the commercials at the beginning and end of each quarter and run what they can during a team called timeout or a timeout called to review a play. I think I would even accept extending the time between quarters by 2 or 3 minutes if needed to balance out the average amount of commercial time we have now.

College game is also impacted by points scored. No NFL team averaged 30 points per game ( a couple got close). Last year there were 7 CFB teams that averaged in the 40s.

Shorter game, less beer. If your time is that valuable, record the game and watch it while skipping over the commercials and halftime . . . . .

This is going to be one of those “it gets worse before it gets better” things. Calling, then stepping off penalties for delay of game will take longer than the old one minute pause did.


“That’s one thing that Herman was on game day…”

Except for those games when he was interviewing for out of town jobs. :rage:

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