2018 schedule tidbit

(gpropes) #1

It turns out that Rice is playing a week 0 game on August 25 against Prairie View. So Rice will have an opportunity to work out some opening game kinks under their new coach before they play us on September 1.

(Butch) #2

We should still “kink” em in their rears…

(David) #3

On the flip side, UH will have game film on the new coach’s offense. Not sure which is more important – having game film on the opponent’s new offense or working out your own kinks with a new OC.


The defense our offense will play against every day in practice and in the Red/White game should be infinitely better than anything Rice can throw at us, so I would say it doesn’t matter.


Hopefully its something competitive bc Arizona isn’t going be a cakewalk. Unlike last season, we’ll at least have the ability to clean up any penalties and mistakes made week 1.