2018 UH Bowl Projections Thread

Would be wonderful to get matched with whorns for that bowl.

Only way that Texas would be there is if they finish 5-7 and become bowl eligible via APR. Armed Forces Bowl is 7th in the pecking order for the Big 12 (8th if they have a playoff team) and the bowls don’t have to select based on standings. No chance that a bowl above the Armed Forces Bowl in the selection order wouldn’t pick a 6-6 Texas over a different 7-5 or 8-4 Big 12 squad not named OU. If they finish 5-7 and become bowl eligible, I believe they are forced to take the last eligible Big 12 bowl tie-in no matter what…if they choose to go to accept a bowl invite.

there are two reasons why I do not believe that we will play K State in the Armed Forces bowl. First, we will be in a NY6 bowl at 12- 0 and the commentators will be saying that maybe we should have been included in the playoff. The second reason is that I do not believe that K State will be bowl eligible at 3 - 8.


I don’t think it will happen either. Maybe they can play well enough to play us in NY6 bowl. Not likely for them, I know.

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I’ll be ecstatic if we make another new years six! But it’s depressing that us or any other g5 program virtually has no chance at competeing for a playoff spot under this system.

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they do. you have to have a super good schedule (especially OOC) and hope the P5 OOC teams you beat have a great year. we would have made it in 2016 had we gone undefeated.

I believe we would’ve got in too…it just wouldn’t be a slam dunk and would’ve had to sweat it out on selection day. Unfortunately it was all a moot point.

Playoffs for a non-P-5? There’s no way, Jose! (or Alfred or Russel)

its fun to “imagine what if” but i truly believe had we ran the table that year we would have been the first g5 to make the playoffs.

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I agree with Alfred we beat two top 5 teams. OU won the B12 and went to a NY6 that year. I think we would have made it. It is null though because I also believe we would have lost on the road to Navy Memphis or both even without the Herman drama because the AAC is a good league, way better than it gets credit for.

Probably so, but that took a perfect storm. We won an NY6 the year before, had two top 5 teams on our schedule, and had to go undefeated. The last part didn’t come close to happening either. The odds of all of those things coming to together are extremely low.

I’d be shocked if a G5 team ever made the playoffs in its current form.


To be honest, probably 3/4ths of the P5’s won’t make the playoffs in its current form. The system isn’t there to reward the little, or even the medium guy…just the blue-bloods.

I do tend to think we would have been close in 2015 if we had gone undefeated. It wasnt just the wins over ranked OU and Louisville, but wins on the road against Navy and Memphis that would have helped as well. Problem is, who do we get in over? Id say Ohio State since they didn’t win the B1G, but that was also the year the committee moved them up to #3 to try and avoid any controversy of them making it over Penn State…they also beat OU in Norman which would have been a point in their favor over us. So, Washington? That would have been a tough call as well a they had one loss, won the Pac12, and had a number of Top 25 wins. I think, in the end, we end up at #5 behind those 4.

Unless a G5 becomes a consistent member of the top 15, I doubt that even an unbeaten record and some good opponents would punch a ticket to the playoffs. The only real hope is it occurs in a year where the elite are knocking each off on a regular basis, and some would even need unexpected losses to “inferior” opponents.


THIS! As long as who’s in the playoff is decided behind closed doors using a methodology that can’t be explained, the CFP committee will always be able to find an excuse to keep the best G5 teams out.

An 8 team playoff won’t help much either. you have to go back some years to find a G5 ranked in the top 8 in any pole after the regular season.

We need a 16 team playoff, minimum, with selection criteria that is both explainable and objective. Just my thoughts.


I make my voice heard by cheering loudly.


Jerry Palm has us in the Frisco Bowl playing Toledo and has Boise State getting the NY6 bid.

It still amazes me that people like Palm get paid to throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks !!

What a country !!


If we didn’t read it, he likely wouldn’t.

new years 6 or bust

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Let’s beat Rice on Sept. 1st and go from there.


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