2018 UH football preview - ESPN 97.5

(Patrick) #1

Everybody is sleeping on us.

In 2018, you can expect the Cougars to remain competitive once again but not all things will be pretty. Coach Applewhite will not only have to find and develop his new and inexperienced starters on both sides of the ball, but he will also have to work hard to make sure they can grasp and execute his offensive and defensive systems. Be confident in the Cougars but be patient as well. There is a lot this team will have to overcome, but I strongly believe it will be just a matter of time until Applewhite has this team back in the national spotlight.

(David) #2

I thought a local station might do a more in-depth article about UH. This content would appeal to the casual football fan but anyone keeping a pulse on what is happening at UH will be disappointed with it. The name “Briles” is not mentioned in the article – that says it all. Any effort at all would have highlighted this critical change in the coaching staff and at least some of the already known transfers that have a chance to have an immediate impact.


97.5 regularly has their interns/random producers writing for them so take take it with a grain of salt. This guy’s analysis means about as much as your casual twitter egg.

Also worth noting, 97.5’s flagship show (which happens to be the highest rated show in the market) has already stated their intentions to boycott UH football until Briles is gone.

(David) #4

I guess they can talk Jimbo and Herman all season but they are going to miss out on talking about the best team in the state…

(gpropes) #5

I assume you’re talking about Granato and LZ? When did they say that? I’d be awfully surprised to hear that was their position.

(David) #6

I think their drive home show is their highest rated one.


The Blitz with Faour and Hoffman.

(gpropes) #8

I know the Blitz guys were unhappy with the hire.

I found this clip of the Blitz guys ripping the hire. I didn’t hear that they were boycotting UH football. About 10 minutes in, a third person (intern?) did say he was boycotting.

(David) #9

It’s okay since I only listen to John and Lance on that station. I tried to listen to the drive home show once or twice and they did not hold my attention. I guess my boycott of them was before their boycott of UH football…

(Marcus) #11

I agree with this and I’m shocked that Fred and AJ rate so highly. I wouldn’t have even found their show if not for 790 going with innis in the afternoon and 610’s drive home show being terrible. I really liked Adam, Sean and Jason, but that show is really missing a key element with Adam gone. I think Fred and AJ might just do well because of lack of serious competition.

(Marcus) #12

They also missed out on mentioning the ridiculous haul of graduate transfers that have us all salivating. Singleton, Williams, Owens, Chambers and especially Anderson all project to offset the production of graduated seniors and then some.

(David) #13

I am not a fan of Sean Jones so I am a man without a sports station on the way home. Hello music and political/business talk radio…


I really wish we had a couple of 320 lbs road-grading O-linemen in the mix.

(Marcus) #15

You and me both, brother. Hopefully the spacing and tempo of the new offense more than offsets it though.


Right there with ya, Dave. I listen to LZ and Granato in the mornings when I feel like listening to sports talk. Otherwise, it’s audio books and podcasts for me.