2018 UH Thoughts


So I know we haven’t wrapped up 2017 yet but I was looking at who we lose and who’s coming back. I see four really big concerns.

  1. We have no QB with game experience after DK - I assume like everyone that KA xfers.
  2. We have 2, count 'em 2, WRs coming back with game experience.
  3. Big holes to fill at ILB
  4. DE needs help. Carter is good to go but Vaughn is unimpressive. And who would back them up?

Any news on medical redshirts for Fontana and Eloph. Eloph has a year anyway but Fontana would be gone without the redshirt.

Your thoughts?

(Patrick) #2

Good topic:

  1. I think we’re in better shape than last year where we had 3 QBs with different skill sets. However, I do agree that the lack of game experience could be an issue, especially when we really only have King and Smith in the spring.

  2. Coaching the WR up this spring will be critical as this will be a young group. There’s a lot of talent there so it will be interesting to see who steps up.

  3. Same at LB, although I feel better with D’Onofrio coaching the LB. big thing is not having a Matt Adams type that has shown that they can drop into coverage.

  4. Eh, Payton Turner looked good at times, Isaiah Chambers is coming in and so is Bryan Jones (hopefully). Vaughan was serviceable as a backup. Noah Jones, Alexander Duke and Bryant Young should get a chance to play as well after sitting out this season. Lot of depth at the position.

  5. I don’t think Eloph or Fontana can redshirt as they already redshirted before. They’d have to have had an injury during their redshirt year to be able to get another year.

(Jay C.) #3
  1. Valid concern. If Allen does transfer, we would be left with King, Smith, and Amie as the only scholarship QBs. Staff could look to bring in a JC transfer with similar skill set to those 3 for depth.
  2. I hope Stevenson gets a full healthy spring and summer. He can be a game changer if we can ever get him on the field. This is a hyper-talented, but really green WR corps with Lark, Corbin, Mark, and Stevenson.
  3. This is the most concerning to me. Hines and Adams were the QBs of the D, and the guys behind them have almost NO experience.
  4. We will be fine at DE. Carter showed in limited duty that he can be a real problem and take a lot of the load off Ed. Isaiah Chambers will fill in really nicely on the other side.
  5. Fontana and Eloph both played zero snaps this year, so they both should be eligible for medical redshirts.


I totally forgot about Chambers. That definitely helps at DE. Turner can be a stud if beefing up doesn’t hurt his athleticism.


Can Allen transfer a 2nd time?

(Tom) #6

Not always an accurate indicator , but the spring game should give some pointers on offense, coaching and discipline. This year’s spring game was pretty spot on how the season developed.

(Patrick) #7

Yes, he’ll graduate this semester and be eligible to grad transfer.


Assuming we can block, the offense will be on solid ground with Lark/King/Car.

I am extremely concerned with our defensive scheme. If we are not going to average 40+ points like the good old days, we need the defense to be solid for 4 qtrs.

Tulsa/Tulane/Memphis left a big stench in the room. I am hoping UH does what UH does and work their butts off to make sure Tulsa/Tulane/Memphis does not happen again.


All I know I that these next 2 seasons is our last hope to make the playoffs

It’s bittersweet to see UCF’s success knowing that we could have been in their position in 2016, and actually could have made the playoffs. However, if they somehow magically got in, which they wont even if they beat Memphis and win the NY6, it would really make our conference look stronger. Which would help us even more in 2018-2019.

We know for sure that OU and Washington State will continue to be ranked teams. BYU? Boise? Kansas? Vandy? GA Southern? Not a risk wortg taking.

I’m really hoping CMA gets it together these next 2 seasons. It’s literally our last chance to be in any sort of major spotlight similar to the Herman era before realignments.


Last chance my left nut.

(Eric Prado) #11

People are cynical towards the CFP committee/ESPN but they still believe the system will work.


Last chance? What???


I like cma from a pepersonality standpoint. Seems like his players want to fight for him


A better offensive line and plays where the quarterback goes under center.


I was thinking more from a personnel standpoint, but yeah, O-line needs to be better.

I would like to see QB under center some, especially on 3rd and 4th down with less than 1 yard. CMA could call it a trick play!


Oline improved this year as did the running game.


Can we really bank on any of those teams to be ranked other than maybe BYU? Maybe Boise?

Winning over ranked G5 teams isn’t enough for the playoffs. Winning over unranked P5 teams isn’t enough for the playoffs.

OU will undeniably be ranked going into 2019. Washington State should be ranked aswell…


UH has an absolute zero chance of making the current 4 team playoffs while in a non-P5 conference. Zero.

You would have a much better chance of winning the next 10 Texas Lotteries in a row! Still zero.


It did. still, more improvement needed if we are to be a run first offense.


I disagree

has UCF had the same schedule we had in 2016 this year, they would have been in easily if they remained undefeated